Unique audio issues

Gonna be a bit long just for details sake but there is a TLDR at the bottom

I’ve been having this problem with my audio for a quite a while now and I first noticed it a short while after jingle juvies was over. My own character audio is super low but most everything else sounds normal. for example in pvp/pve match my voice lines will be super low but everyone else will sound normal. For example like in the escape safe room both teamsmates can spam voice lines and sound fine but mine and the voice on the speaker counting down for the doors to open will be super low. I thought at first I was being punished for spamming lizzies laugh during jingle juvies every game but I never got a msg saying I was and it persisted for such a long time to the point that I thought perhaps something was broken in my audio set up since it works fine on other tvs. However while working on the ally points with my group I had to log in someone elses account onto my console and suddenly all audio sounds normal even after I log his account out but if I quit and relaunch the game I’m back to the same audio issues. I’ve deleted and reinstalled 3 times to no success and unplugged and tested every cable just in case but still no luck. So how do I fix this or is it a known issue that I just can’t find in the search bar.

TLDR: Audio is super muted for only my character unless I log in a separate account then log it out every time.

Bonus question I have 2 of Kats cards blacked out and can’t interact with them even though I have her at lvl 16 and they should unlock at lvl 3 and 7 so how do I fix that??? I sent a ticket asking aboot it aboot 25 days ago but haven’t heard back since

Good luck on the support ticket.

Just out of curiosity, what are your audio settings on your console?

Using Windows Sonic or Dolby?

Okay this is a HUGE stretch, but the way you temporarily resolve your issue made me think of something I heard the other day,

Keep in mind, I have NOT researched this, but a group of friends and I were talking online the other day and my one friend mentioned that he read that the name for your gamertag can actually cause bugs in certain games. He said some people have resolved strange issues by changing their tags to the new 12 character format.

I have no idea why this makes sense. I have no idea if it will do anything. Just wanted to toss this out there as something maybe worth researching.

Game audio is default and console audio is chat mixer reduce by 50% (don’t even know what this is)
Party chat headset

HDMI 7.1 uncompressed
optical audio stereo uncompressed

Also the audio issue only happens with tv speakers, while using a headset audio sounds normal and if I play from bolth sources headset is fine while tv audio is still messed up.

I don’t think I’ve ever changed these settings. Also as far as changing my gamertag, that’s never going to happen regardless of if that solves the problem cause I have a good gamertag without numbers and I’ve had it for years.