Uninstalled the game tonight unfortunately

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Which is a very cheap argument, that can be used like a net to cover any given statement. As someone who was on the forums and paid attention to this stuff, the real complaints started after QOS last fall.

And, yes, there were always complaints. There will always be complaints. Let’s not make this a high school level debate where we play in semantics. Anyone who has been keeping up noticed the change I was talking about. The fact that people always complain about something or another really doesn’t take away from my original statement.

BTW, I’m OK disagreeing with anyone about the actual issue (quality of online gameplay) but I’m not subscribing to the idea that because people complained before, it somehow dismisses the issue. It seems that most in the community know the game is in a worse state (regarding online play).

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The only semantics here is this:

So is “this game used to be better”.

Not me. I’ve been on the forums since Gears 3.

You’re saying that it’s gotten worse and the evidence is all the new complaints. I’m saying that the complaints have always been there (specifically related to ping and general server issues). So I would say it does actually counter your argument.

Because people have blurry goggles while looking at the past. I bet most people here forget that ping used to never even be displayed on the scoreboard. And games would start 4v5 (no validating before it started). And there was no pregame lobby.

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So, you’ve said absolutely nothing of substance other than reiterating the generic,“people complained before”. Yawn
If you want to disagree, that’s perfectly respectable but to speak about “evidence” and then support your own argument with such a lazy premise as, “people see through goggles” doesn’t substantiate or negate anything. In case you aren’t seeing the bigger picture, it’s a difference in opinion and perspective, which is why you’re failing at dismissing my points.
I get the impression you’re one of these, “gotta get in the last word” types so feel free.

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Lol what? You didn’t provide any evidence or anything either lol. What do you expect me to “provide” to you? We’re talking about our personal recollections of how the game used to be. It’s not that serious.

Not sure why you’re talking about my “lazy” arguments when you said this:

And also with regard to this:

Stop getting so personal. You seem to feel personally attacked by this thing. You can have the last word if you want because this is my last reply. I was just bored at work so thought I would type some replies.

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Yeah that’s how they tend to argue.You criticize this game and they take it as a personal attack. They come at you for no good reason.

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quit being a jack ■■■. As of right now in July 24, 2018 gears of war 4 is, 1 year 8 months and 12 days old. Math is fun and btw that logic is not correct math.

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Im thinking of uninstalling as well man its such a shame

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What I am saying is if you look back a year or so ago (forgive me if i cant give you exactly how many days, hours, minutes, seconds) you will see these exact same complaints…there were lots of videos that showed and discussed things about sponging, lag comp, server issues, etc…and there were a ton of videos with very specific often technical breakdowns of what was happening…lots of math in those you guys would love it. I know some of the players from Optic did videos and Dutchy (@dutchylive twitter) did some extensive research into issues…and yes there were a ton of issues with QOS but…notwithstanding…these exact same complaints were made right here in these very forums


i didnt make up anything…it is simply my analysis…given your “attention to detail.”
In addition. …since you have to state you’re a great player…it points to your actual potential. Most greats adapt and can play whatever hobby or activity they choose…minus the whining about gameplay etc.


No one is crying…not even you. Just note…at least i am consistent in my arguments…I am unsure of what you are even referencing on your reply above since you write poorly…although your name calling is not bad. Immature or not…you implied I am that odd gamer…a psycho…and I can’t laugh but you can…this sentence further credits my analysis of you…how inconsistent you are. So much inconsistency with money talk…immmaturity…references from I don’t know where…confusing to say the least.

At any rate, I chose the word bully(and i am not by any means) to showcase that your psycho accusations are what should be flagged and not my posts…further proves the coalition sucks. I further replied to you cause your righteousness about things being or not being Gearsy are oblivious to you and really…you are not the last word on this. Again, my argument was really about the coalition and their rewards system and what we deserve as fans. Since you always whine about gameplay…it does showcase lack of your own gameplay…potentially anyway. Bottom line, you decided to begin the immaturity and i am here to end it. Let me know when you’re available to go 1v1 and i will reinstall the game,


To simplify it for you and the coalition and this community…if one compares my writing vs yours…there is a huge difference as to who is potentially…odd. Not to mention basing it alone on how I don’t play at all…since i prefer the video game of life. Something to think about folks…

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Honestly OP, I don’t blame you. I have enjoyed this gears game for what it is, but it just isn’t as good as the previous games and I haven’t even played it that much compared to, say gears 2 and 3. Gears 2 had that achievement to get 100,000 kills which made me always want to play, gears 3 had onyx medals to work towards which made me want to play more and even then was still really fun to just play.

I remember gears 2 being able to get the 100,000 kills in any game mode. Gears 3 you could get ribbons, xp and onyx medals from public and private matches and not to mention being able to get xp from campaign and also having an arcade mode with onyx medals.

This time round with gears 4 its been different and I haven’t enjoyed it as much as I have with the others. I feel as if they had left out a lot of what made gears fun for me. I don’t really find much fun in just levelling in public matches whether it be horde or versus… there needs to be more. If there were more options to level and get credits like being able to do that in campaign and private matches then I would do that and I would actually replay campaign just for that reason other than silly achievements I’ll never be bothered to get.

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The game is slowly deteriorating (at least for me in UK) I feel like the servers are going so downhill. I got to onyx seasons 0-3 then 4 I got to gold3 and season 5 I haven’t even bothered that much I think gold also, either im getting worse or the only people left on the game have such a skill gap over me ontop of which the bad servers that never seem to be in my favour. I mostly stick to social now! Compared to when the game first came out which seemed to be at its best for me! Along the way they added trades (which never ever happened in like the first 3 seasons) and then they call it a glitch saying it was supposed to be in there. Its just garbage the game caters far to much to noobs and they implanted an artificla skillgap stopper that was made for bad people to be able to compete so they don’t quit and keep the playerpools high. Kinda like the barrier bringing the skills gaps a lot closer than they should be.like a noob can literally hard aim an two shot down without trying or appreciating that this person has spent hours practicing bouncing, hyperbouncing, angular bouncing, rxn shots, slap shots, up A’s etc. The game don’t care about all that aslong as the noob doesn’t say awh this is to hard im going on fortnite.