Uninstalled the game tonight unfortunately

(Gears Kaios) #61

Then you haven’t played gears 3 yet.

(Gears Kaios) #62

To anyone else that replies to me about my earlier comments just disregard them. I recently played 2 matches with Mxte and in the first one I got 1 kill the entire match…Yeah it was bad partially due to me not bein warmed up and the opposite team being good.

Second match though I came in second and he was in first. I don’t have a rank but I still managed to pull 28 kills. Some guarding home and some not. We won that match.

All in all I’d just to take back saying comp was skilless and I’d like to try it out more. If anyone else thinks a core player can’t measure up to a comp in comp matches feel free to invite me. My gamertag is the same as it is here.

(Junglist Shoota) #63

Ah, yes. It’s possible that is why I feel this way. I remember CoD Hardcore very well. Played my share of SnD. Maybe because there is no “crossing” in cod as players die almost instantly from cross map. My opinion on this is from a perspective of one who does not play VS. I may try some escalation this evening. Future apologies to my potential team! Ha.

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When I say core is for those who cba to learn the intricacy of movement is because it takes away the need for slot of casual players that just two shot hard aim. Excluding most onyx and diamond players completely from core to get there they full understand the whole game but core adds a roof to the skill gap between Good and average people.

Comp gives a chance to take damage turn round and out manouvere hard aimers. Core most players to in LT ready because they abuse how powerful the shotgun is.

Core forces the good people to really try the hardest and avoid shots where as casuals don’t really care aslong as the LT gets them a kill or two every death.

(lnSaNe ShoTZz) #65

look i decided to delete this game and stop playing serveral times i get you bro its frustration the inconsistency of the game however, i miss 2v2!! this game type brought me back into it and deff needs to be a permanent gametype to get away from the lancer F fest. another thing that ive stoped playing is CORE… core is absolute cancer i strictly try to play competitive vs core only because its annoying getting down in 0.01 second. i miss where in gears 1 you actually had chances of vs 2 people instead of just getting shot down immediately. now ik a lot of ppl dont like competitive but it is honestly the closest thing to gears 1 battles the new battles are all about wall camping bot walking, hard aiming etc. idk exactly how you play but battles are actually battled out in competitive, in core you just get down… i highly suggest playing competitive warm ups.


Gears 4 is the best and will always be until maybe Gears 5. Gameplay nuances and changes and speeds I can always adjust to and still able to compete and dominate. Amazing game…mechanics…physics…etc…but real issue is The Coalition SERVICING! You’ve created a ‘WORK’ environment but yet do not service as such. Our time is wasted and is just as valuable as your paid time. #uninstalled

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gears 4 the best in the series… yikes… i cant disagree more but atleast its not as bad as it was on release.

(III EnVii III) #68

I think the character movement and feel is definitely the best of the previous games.


-Still inconsistenties

-Doesn’t have the best campaign

-Definitely has the worst map selection

-No Ping Filter / Player Count

-RNG packs suck

Etc etc


i havent touched campaign…i only play vs ranked…and challenges released wrongly by the coalition…and my analysis only from vs angle. with that…im sure Id enjoy campaign. so long as movement and physics are this great…i can adapt to the rest…unlike many whiners…haba.

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ZAnyone can adapt but when the games changes for the worst people like me notice. Adapting to a game that doesn’t feel as Gearsy as the original games to me is a nono. This isn’t lancer of war, Competitive tuning balance this out the most. For ppl that strangely never play campaigns scare me… to me those are signs of a psychopath lmao jk.

And no offense you said gears 4 is the best of all the series… makes me not want to be in a room alone with you. Lol

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swing and a miss

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Based on this statement I wonder why I’m able to take out multiple enemies at once before I either die or escape alive. You can successfully win battles in Core just as you have in previous games if you’re able to master the movement which in itself is a skill. An enemy hard aiming and ‘just downing’ me would mean that I’m standing in one place allowing him to do so. Fact is hard aiming is a weakness in this game as it has always been and those that do it consistently will be demolished by any player with skill that blind fires/quick pulls the left trigger in certain situations.

It’s pretty amazing but at the same time hilarious players think there is no skill involved because they keep getting beat by tactics a new player clings to.

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you guys are just so damn toxic. not once have i said im a terrible player? im a great player i can be good at EITHER game type… im not going to be arguing with lefty or anyone here becauseim not gonna just make up stuff and say you guys are “bad at the game”

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I’m sorry if it wasn’t clear but I’m in no way saying you’re terrible at the game. I replied to you because I disagree with your statement but my reference to bad players wasn’t actually directed towards you.

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why are you crying?.. im not a bad player and im pretty sure i could keep up with anyone on this forum.


your a toxic immature person i can see

“id bully you HAHAHA” but you aint bullying no one here bud. stop being such a toxic person in the forums

all im saying if core is bothering someone try competitive because the game types are very different and to me need a middle ground for the next game and only have one tuning.

lefty your just so obnoxious lol why dont i forward you some money so you can ACTUALLY play the game and have a 1v1 .

why dont you learn how to be a non toxic forum user or person in general… youre laughing in your comments a lot i can tell you really got into your feelings and are backlashing out very negatively. ive been plaing gears for years i dont need to work on anything however you need to work on your people skills. no ones here to hurt your feelings lefty… im sorry i called you a spycho but i mean dude… calm down its really starting to show.

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a year ago people were saying these exact same things

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I don’t buy that at all. First, because a year ago, the game hadn’t even been out a year. Also, there were numerous issues on release and the game certainly wasn’t playing great at launch. Before the QOS update last fall, the game was reasonable and it was after that update that the forum really erupted worth complaints.

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Gears of war 4 came out in October 11, 2016.

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Correct. So, as I just said, a year ago (july 2017) the game had not been out for a year.
Math is fun.

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You’re just nitpicking at this point. The “one year ago” thing wasn’t specifically what he was referring to in your comment.

You’re basically saying that the game used to be better, yada yada yada. The thing is, people always say “it used to be better” (the one year timeline is arbitrary). On launch, people say the beta was better. On beta, people say Gears 3 is better. Mid way through the game, people say the launch was better.

What they forget is how much they used to complain and how bad it was before they made any improvements.

Pretty sure that’s what he was meaning.