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Uninstalled the game tonight unfortunately

(Majikmyke) #41

It’s not just you…I feel you on the quality of this game…connection is an issue…now Gears 3…with its problems it felt better …regardless I’ll keep playing it.

(Majikmyke) #42

It’s not that bad…I play with surround sound…those DB’s, you can hear them a mile away.

(mizzelphug) #43

The audio is still jacked up on a couple maps though.

i.e. When I am near the back wall on Checkout inside the Electronics area, it sounds like people are running up right behind me when it’s just the audio from people on the opposite side of the map running around the sniper rifle area.

(Quinn Quiver) #44

what in the world are you talking about? Core weapon tuning is nothing like the previous Gears games…

(chaaze) #45

There’s no point in having a break with this game imo. The only constant here is MP VS going from bad to worse, constantly. So, if you take a break the next time you try to play, it would be “wow how could I spend so much time on this gaming disfunction”… Just happened to me, again.

(DLCarr17) #46

Perhaps Gears just isn’t the franchise for you any longer and if that be the case, that’s ok. I love the direction the franchise is going despite it’s imperfections and TC has made constant efforts to improve the experience for us as players. Have they all worked out? No. But the effort is there and they deserve a lot of credit for that.

A lot of the younger Gears fans may not know the pattern of Gears games but people always claim they can’t stand the current game and after the next title comes out and the shine wears off claim that they miss the previous titles. (I’m not saying you are one of them) Currently Gears 2 is the champion of the Gears community but until Gears 3 was released forums everywhere were full of “I hate Gears 2” topics and Gears 1 was the gold standard. I doubt the pattern will change as in the future most will look back and say “Gears 4 was pretty darn good.”

I’m sorry you’ve lost some of your love for Gears but hopefully Gears 5 reminds you of why you loved it in the first place. <3

(chaaze) #47

Sorry I stop reading after this one. Any longer? Definitely agree on that one. Sadly there’s a long history on poor title updates. Matchmaking is embarrassment, rankings a joke, lag comp too ambitious etc etc

It’s ok also to mark your post as an advertising spam. And yes, GoW4 is good IN LAN network only. Get a grip man… We are paying products, support and quality not some efforts. That’s for free play betas.

(Relax Mxte) #48

If you went into an Escalation and tried to play like Core it’s not even funny on how handled you’d get. And you saying “it’s for veterans”, that just proves laziness because they’re similar in some aspects but completely different in others. It’s just the excuse players who like being able to down people across map with shotty use. I’ve played every Gears game and that statement is just so dumb. Gears 1 played nothing like Gears 2 in terms of Gnasher. Gears 3 was kinda like Gears 2 but less broken in terms of long range and chunks actually worked. Judgement was just bad. Gears 4 on Core anyways plays pretty similar to Gears 3. Gears 4 comp is nothing like Judgement, saying that just shows how you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Now I really want an answer, how is Core tuning more skillful than competitive? On Competitive you get rewarded for playing smart and having good movement, on Core you get rewarded for sitting still and holding LT. Wallbouncing is redundant if the person hits their first shot and can actually hit shots, where in Comp you actually have a chance, you can be rewarded for being the better player. And the Core rifles are just too strong, playing Guardian on Blood Drive is skillful with setting up in spawn and just Lancer focusing people pushing the leader?

Saying the Gnasher is more accurate and reliable in Core compared to Comp. Hit a shot. It’s that simple. You probably think it’s less reliable because you don’t do insane amounts of damage for missing pellets. Just hit a shot and you’re fine. If Core is more skillful why do the pros play on Comp tuning? Surely they’d want to play Gears at the highest level?

(chaaze) #49

Yeah, I’m done too.
Tired of high variable ping players constantly “slipping thru” the matchmaking filters and mods here deleting/locking any mention of it.

(iBlazeOddish) #50

Gears 1 is still the gold standard.

(Junglist Shoota) #51

Maybe he/she/it(?)(I can’t keep up) feels that a mistake costs more. You said it yourself if they can hit their shots you are dead. Just a matter of perspective. I feel that the stronger the weapon damage, the more the skilled players have an advantage. Does not matter if all guns are one shot if you can’t hit the target. Just my thoughts.

(Slipping Flames) #52

Sometimes it’s like the audio goes haywire. Most of the time it’s fine for me. Once in a while, it’s like the point of reference goes completely bananas. Never noticed if it’s map specific though.

(Slipping Flames) #53

Simplest answer is a lot more movement and less dying. Not as interesting to watch people chunked a mile away.

(DLCarr17) #54

Loved it during it’s time. It’s why I fell in love with the franchise but the gold standard? Not in my opinion at least. I have a lot of nastalgic feelings for it but I think that’s all it is, Nastalgia. You aren’t the only person who I’ve seen feel that way though so you definetly aren’t alone thinking that bud. :+1:

(Quinn Quiver) #55

Gears 4 is pretty damn good that’s a fact it’s a fantastic game but yet it could have been 10times better with just a few simple changes. What disappoints me most is that this game never reached its full potential because our community is split in half

(Relax Mxte) #56

From medium distance the shotgun is a two shot down in Core. In Comp you do less damage and the other person’s movement is more restricted compared to Core (not now but in 2.7). How is that not more skillful? It’s not about doing an action twice, it’s about doing it consistently.

And that hitting shots only applies to Competitive because at medium range it’s not a two shot down. You need to hit all your pellets like 3/4 times in Comp where as in Core, you hit them all once and the other person is 83%. This means you can hit like three pellets from your next shot and still get the kill. If that’s considered more skillful then I really don’t get this community.

(Relax Mxte) #57

Trust me, I get your point of view. I don’t know if you have played Call of Duty but there’s a playlist called Hardcore where you deal more damage but die quicker so that’s harder but it doesn’t apply to Gears.

In Comp anyways it’s not just about getting chunks, it’s about playing for damage. So for example let’s say you’re getting crossed and you lose 50% health. Even though it may only do ~10% damage I’d hit you from far away with a shotgun to stop you from regenerating health so when I get in close I have an easier time killing you (only have to do ~40%). If that same situation was in Core the 10% shot I took could maybe down you. So all the strategy of me hitting you to make sure not regenerating just goes out the window because you’re now down. This is why it’s an issue, because it becomes next to impossible to actually do anything as the tuning is exponentially more powerful, so it doesn’t really reward skill and movement. It rewards who shoots first essentially.

(Gears Kaios) #58

Let me start off by saying…no. if I went into an esca match I’d be 1st or second on the leaderboard and I can confidently say and prove that if you’d like to test me on that my gamertag is “Gears Kaios” I don’t see comp as skill because it’s way easier than core minus the movement which again is a bit heavy but nothing I can’t handle.

Secondly I guess you’re right. What I mean by core being in all gears, I’d like to substitute that for gears 3 the one I played the most. I would also like to add that once again it’s my opinion…gears 4’s comp is nearly identical to judgment and I don’t fw it lol. I also don’t believe you ever tried core before. If you have you’d see the true laziness in comp. I think it’s perhaps you who has no understanding of what you’re talking about.

(Gears Kaios) #59

Thirdly…LOL only scrubs stand around on core and I’m not one of them dude. I feel like you just hopped on core like 5 times and think we’re all identical. In both modes you’re awarded with the same things no matter how different you play…that comment was irrelevant.

Many people were good and bad at hitting their shots on me. I still survived sometimes and killed them and traded with them multiple times so idk wym bro.

But no camping, corner camping, lancering, none of that bs is skill lol…You gotta learn how to work around it and adapt. A grenade will end it all. The weapons aren’t even that powerful they are actually balanced so that the gnasher isn’t dominating as usual which is probably all you use. I can at least admit I use it mostly in core.

Yeah that’s how I know you’re insanely delusional and you don’t know a word you’re saying. Sometimes you’ll get a kill in a single shot and others you won’t it’ll take up to 5 in rare cases. You have this delusion that the core gnasher is like the 1shot in gears 3 but it isn’t…at all…lol. And I hit plenty of my shots that’s why I’m nearly diamond.

Also no idea why “pros” play comp. Honestly I don’t see them as pros. You, your friends your family, the whole community, and even the coalition could think comp is more skill full but I don’t and none of you will ever sway or change my opinion. I’m skilled in both and if I truly had to prove comp is way easier than core I’d drop core for a bit and get diamond on execution if you want proof. I’d probably get it before you if you don’t have it already and many others who play comp regularly. I play with diamond friends and although I may not be as good as them, that’s to be expected. I can easily still keep up with them so it shouldn’t take long to Sven catch up.

(Relax Mxte) #60

Yeah, having been the first to get Diamond Master in all playlists last season and being rewarded the Blood Moon Imago for it, you’re right I’ve never tried Core lol.

You said you’d come first or second which may or may not be true, if you read what I said in that if you tried to play it like it was Core (i.e thinking you damage people from really far) then you’d get handled as if they’re smart, they’d just bait your shot and chunk you.

And no you’re not rewarded, it’s far easier to break set-ups on Comp than it is Core meaning it’s less lazy. A team gets a set-up going on Checkout at snipe it’s much harder to break it on Core. Yeah you should be rewarded for map control but the tuning makes it far too hard to break without a co-ordinated push.And yeah I’m not trying to say you get hit once, you die. Obviously if someone bricks you on Escalation it’s the same result, harder to get out of it. But for someone to actually do that much damage they have to get in close, where as in Core they don’t. It’s high reward, low risk as they can just full red you from range.

I’ve played both tunings a lot and I can tell and not for the sake of arguing, that Comp now is nothing like Judgement. When it was first released yeah I’d agree with you. If it stayed like that I wouldn’t touch it either. But it’s changed so much since then that it’s nothing like any Gears game before it.

Most players can hop onto Core and get kills just because of the way it is. There’s no learning curve. Good players can just abuse the overpowered tuning but even the worst players can pick up kills. It doesn’t really happen that much in Competitive because you’re not rewarded for making the same low risk plays. You’ve to learn to get in close, having movement is an actual requirement on Competitive, whereas on Core it’s nice to have, but not needed.

There’s times when I’ve played it recently and I’m thinking “How did that down him?” I’m actually that surprised it’s as powerful as it is. And no I know it can take up to five, if you’re hip firing it can. If you hard aim or popshot though, then no it doesn’t take five unless you’re blatantly missing.

And you talking about the pros. If you went against them on Core you might beat them. But they’d adapt and it’d be much harder. But if you played them on Comp they’d run rings around you and your entire squad. Not saying you’re bad, it’s just how actually good they are. Because they’d get on it and realise “This is just 2.0 with cool down”. You on the other hand, would struggle to adapt to 2.7. If you decide to play Comp tuning you’d understand just how good they really are.