Uninstalled the game tonight unfortunately

(Relax Mxte) #21

Do have to agree with people on Core being too lazy to learn the intricate movement and mechanics of the game.

So annoying going for this Diamond Scion and playing people who are being saved by the tuning. You get in their face and they have no individual shotgun skill. That and every one just up A’s. They don’t even think about it, they just do it. You play smart against these players and you just get punished for it.

Honestly can’t wait to just play Escalation for the Ruby Scion. Least most of the players there are actually good.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #22

It got old for me, real fast. I only play it to chat with my friends. I’m fact, I’m playing it right now and the fact that I’m typing on this forum at the same time should illustrate my boredom with fortnight.

It just feels like it was made for children. Combat is trash. Building isn’t that interesting. Once you learn the map, there’s not much stimulating about the game.

(Voltaire tron) #23

98.8 Gigabytes is how much room space GoW4 takes up :cry:


How do the Astro headsets compare with Turtle Beach? Thinking about getting a new headset but don’t know if I should upgrade to a better Turtle Beach or go with a different brand. I currently have the Turtle Beach Stealth 700.

(Krylon Blue) #25

Better build quality and better sound. More comfortable too. I would never waste a penny on Turtle Beach products.

(Sin Ogaris) #26

I got the Razer Thresher, if you want something solely for the Xbox then it’s great because it uses the Xbox wireless system so no dongles or anything required. However if you want something to also use on PC then you’ll need to look elsewhere.

(Duffman GB) #27

To date I have uninstalled Gears 4, 4/5 times due to total and utter frustration, so I absolutely know where you are coming from, the longest time it has remained uninstalled is about 24 hours.
I’m generally a high Gold (although only gold 2, 70+ % as of time of typing), low Onyx koth player so far from the most inconsistent player but a good way off being anywhere near the top players, now I can deal with that, what other choice have I got…git gud of course, but believe me I am trying!

What I have trouble coming to terms with is the massive inconsistency in the game and that can be over a 3 round game of KOTH, so not even from day to day, which can be bad enough. I KNOW that was not a trade, grenades not working as they should, I KNOW I got the jump on you, etc, but apparently I did not, and this kills it for me.

It is hard enough to play well AND fluke onto a winning “team” on koth, without the game conspiring against you. No other game winds me up like Gears, now luckily I tend to keep my own council, as in have myself on mute. If not I fear I would be banned many times over!! to be clear 99.9% of my anger is based around me and the game, not other players. I am only human however and I do sometimes let rip over the airwaves, but again this is usually just general moaning or answering someone who is trying to belittle our team.

If you do beatdowns on me you are getting a message, be it vocal or pm at the end of the game though :wink: usually calling you stupid for wasting time beating me down and not playing the game. I just hate it but understand it is used to wind me/others up and it does its job.
In fairness I do several chainsaw kills every match, as I like posting “Chainsaw massacre” clips over LIVE.

The point of my reply is to show support and the fact we have all been there but overall I LOVE Gears and as I have said many times when it clicks it gives you a buzz no other game comes close to, and for me that doesn’t matter if it is from Gears,2,3,4,J or UE.

Take it easy mate :slight_smile:

(x Hakaii x) #28

I use the one X and an OLED TV, which has one of the lowest input lags and response times. Close to a monitor. Unfortunately it is the server side issues in suffering, in the UK specifically. I have 300DL and 20UL Mbps speeds also.

(Gears Kaios) #29

I agree with most things you’ve said EXCEPT the core and competitive thing. Core has been around in every single gears except judgment. Core isn’t for lazy people who don’t care to learn movement, core is for veterans who are use to how gears was originally. Besides I use movement all the time on core and I see diamond players do the exact same whether it’s wallbouncing, strafing,wallrunning ect; and Core actually takes skill unlike competitive in my honest opinion.

Competitive is equivalent to judgment tier weapons lol…which is why I don’t play it. I do the same movements on my onyx and diamond tier friends and still body them with little trouble as none of them are hard aimers or corner campers…just straight bouncers with better movement than myself since I pls thumbs and they play claw.

Long story short I could do the sane things I do on core in competitive except I dislike how heavy the movements seem and how the gnasher + every weapon reminds me of that dreaded game known as judgment. If I played comp I’m confident I’ll perform just as well there just like core.

Btw the core gnasher is a lot more accurate and reliable…another reason comp is ■■■

(III EnVii III) #30

I absolutely cannot voice this enough. Footsteps need to be better!

(Gears Kaios) #31

Crazy how they got it right on UE but struggle,e here…

(Duffman GB) #32

One of my pet moans since release, the audio is so poor for them.


nah bruh tuning is no where near the same as other gears just maybe gears 2 which this game reminds me a lot of which had major issues with lag. Gears 4 lancer is way over powered you can’t tell me thats the same lancer from gears 1 and 3 no way. Gnasher damage is pretty similar but the actual mechanics are complete and utter garbage thats why this game is a huge camp fest instead of a brawl like the previous games. All everyone does now is run, hide, wait, shoot like its game battles. Please do that on gears 3 or ue and ill body the dog ■■■■ out of you…the gnasher on gears 4 is inaccurate af on all modes, core is cod, and competitive is trash to just because the mechanics are trash.

(Duffman GB) #34

Re Lancer in 4 being more powerful than 3 ? not sure about that, the stopping power with the Lancer in 3 is ridiculous.

(Circa Darkrage) #35

After the last 500G comes out, and I get them, that is it.

TBH, its not the servers driving me away funnily enough. Its the content that is driving me away.

Its just not fun to play anymore. And if you don’t have fun playing a game, you move on.

(ITheRealMachine) #36

Surprised people with any sort of sense or sanity still play this tired broke game…It was a 60 dollar BETA IMO,I really,really hope they do better for 5 ,they certainly can’t do any worse .I’d probably settle for just “a little” better but hold out hope.GOW 4 is/was an experiment in game development for TC and should have been free to those who bought Ultimate Edition…

I honestly have more fun playing on bluestacks now and await October (cause RDR 2 is going to be worth it),heres hoping GOW 5 will be the same,because 4’s ship has sailed (and sunk IMO) …

(Legend Of NJ) #37

Same boat here bro…Anxiously waiting for AC Odyssey and RD 2! I am just about finished with my 100 hours of MP so once I get that Achievement I probably won’ t play Gears much more until I see what the next set of achievements are

(Phaaze) #38

Had to delete it last night due to swapping SSDs, but I’m in no rush to reinstall 130GB of absolute chaos, either.

(Amaaan asif88) #39

Servers broken ranking system is broken weapon tuning is broken way two weapon tuning i can’t play all game modes this game have worst game audio if tc not fixing this I’m stop playing gears 4

(Amaaan asif88) #40

This game have worst footsteps audio i hope gears 5 have good footsteps audio