Uninstalled gears 4 today

And reinstalled it on my brand new SSD! It feels like I’m loading on an F1 racetrack! Zoom, zoom boys see you in the lobby!


Yeah? What kind? Fun thread title too… Not :smiley:

If only loading it on an SSD would let you skip the splash screens :pray:


What’s wrong with the splash screen? :rofl:

The Game crashes a lot, so for a pc player, that extra 20-30secs not looking at logos could save a lot of precious time when rejoining a game.

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“Wow”, was sarcasm as I don’t use Nvidia :smiley:

Nice. I went backwards a little with this computer and went for a SSHD which seems liked a good idea but overly not as good as the faster SSDs I had on my computer before. Don’t have Gears set up for it but I’m grateful to the Xbox for Gears.