Unheard of.... I cant believe this

I saw a character skin on Leina who is one of the characters from escape… 500 credits for it right? So Im like hell yeah!! ill get it because it looks really good. As soon as I got the 500 credits I went back to get the skin all excited and ■■■■ but now that I have the credits the skin was bumped up to 1,000 credits in the store? What the hell? What kind of scam you running here Coalition? This is absolute BS!!! How could you do this to us? Scamming ppl at its finest… Thanks glad to know I cant even trust you guys to do the right things and I thought you were better than those of EA and Activision yeah thats great, thnx coalition for telling me that you are full of it!!! You guys are no better than they are… FACTS!!! Fkin Unbelievable!!!

When did you see it for 500? Since I started playing its been at 1000

Since it launched on the 5th at 10pm

Its always been at 1000 since I first looked at the store

It always been 500 on mine and then oh yeah as soon as I have the credits for it they bumped it up because they added the micro-transactions yesterday

I started playing at the same time and 1 of the first things I did was go to the store. She was 1000 iron when I looked. I dunno why it would say 500 for you The microtransactions have been there since launch


Yeah it said 500 iron for me at launch