Unhappy about the amount of playing this now needs: Too much Grind

I have played Gears of War since nunber 1. Then 2 etc all the way to spending hundreds of hours playing on Gears 4.

Now for Gears 5, they keep upping the XP it takes to achieve what the game is asking of you in order to “complete” it.

I think that now that TC is attempting to keep people playing until Gears 6 comes out and hold onto their players but the more I play this, the angrier it is getting me. I support Gears of War. I support Microsoft, but damn, you are asking for way too much play time for little amounts of GamerScore (not that this is the most important thing of course) and little amounts of rewards. The Re-Up rewards are quite frankly an insult. Not a joke. An insult. Desert Camo? Not even some iron to buy something in store? Are you kidding us?

Does anyone feel the same?
It now takes forever to Re-Up and without boosts?

Gears 4 took 120 hours to get to re-up 20
Gears 5 will take 240 hours to get to Re-Up 20 without boosts in place as a projection.

I just think they are asking players to do the same repeatedly for way too much nowadays to hold onto their player base but this I think may end up burning out the player base. On Gears 6 I will look back at the grind I had to do with Gears 5 and 4 and may choose to not waste so much of my time.

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The xp u get for all modes is what makes it a grind. They need to improve xp AGAIN…:roll_eyes:

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If it were easier then people would complain that the game is too easy to complete and there is no point in playing it anymore.

Do you see how they can’t win no matter what they do?

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I never really had a problem with it till I got to re-up 16, this re-up seems to be taking forever.

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All games are now super grindy and dripping with microtransactions and loot boxes. I remember doing the “seriously” achievement in gears 3 and that was something else in terms of game time. Wings in 4 and reups in 5 don’t mean a lot IMO other than the achievements related to progression. This game doesn’t merit such ludicrous dedication. Many players in lobbies are only interested in your level whether you can actually play the game or not. Ego and elitism exclude many players from lobbies or get them kicked before they’ve fired a shot. Too many players take games too seriously and all that does is sap the fun out of it. Not cool.


That’s exactly what they’re supposed to do as game developers. I won’t fault them for that. It’s part of the business. If you don’t like that then you would really do well to let go of the need for completion. Playing for fun, and not just to check some boxes, is very liberating. If they can get you to keep playing by giving you hoops to jump through they will. Not doing it is one way of getting them to stop.

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This is just silly…
Would people prefer to have nothing to work towards? Modern Warfare introduced ‘Prestiging’ as a way to keep players interested in the game after maxing out their rank. Since then behavioral scientist have studied the gaming industry and confirmed that allowing players to re-up plays a huge factor in keeping players interested. Every developer has been trying to find the sweet spot since… the middle ground where players don’t feel cheated for being too easy or too difficult to rank up.

While completely anecdotal, my personal experience has been that this is by far and away the easiest Gears to rank up in yet.

First of all, correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Gears 4 only go up to 15?
Secondly, after rank 10 in Gears 4 it was the slowest grind ever, and I truly doubt you were about to max out your rank in 4 in only 120 hours.

I’ve played everyday since launch and I’m only re-up 6
I have 341 hours in gears 5 and I have played multiple elite 50 wave horde matches making a whole 48+ hours on horde and hundreds of hours poured into versus
I rarely had boost that weren’t from events and I played normally with one or two grind days

TC added another 5 Wings on top of 11-15 at some point, February 2018 I think. The requirements were basically Wings 5 on repeat with no further rewards as TC [rightly] believed Wings 5(or Reup 15) was high enough of a target for players.

And it definitely took a lot more than 120 hours to get to Wings 5, not counting Reups 1-10.

At this point in Gears 4s lifetime I had actually been close to reaching max reup at that time(10). I’d gotten there just before they added Wings 1-5 which were already absurdly grindy, I only got to W5 shortly before Gears 5s launch. And that involved several months of grind at a point, which I was not bothered to ever do again.

Now? I’m barely anywhere at Reup 21 Level 79, albeit only with several days of grind cause I can hardly be bothered to now instead of just playing to have fun. Thank god TC are going to revise the Reup XP curve. Hopefully won’t take them too long. Don’t want it to be too easy, but right now it’s, by the most literal meaning of the word, impossible(for the majority of players) to reach and complete Reup 50. Without using grind methods for months on end you’d be looking at something over 6,000 hours of playing only Master Horde with an average 3 hour match duration and 40,000 XP every match(which isn’t guaranteed), which is something around 250-260 days, not accounting for sleep, eating and other irl activities. And that is with Boost. Not exactly feasible or rewarding if you did do it.

So yeah… good thing they’ve come to their senses with this grind.

That is crazy!
There must be some sort of disparity between game modes and the XP they award then.

I am just shy of re-up 13 right now and this is easily my least played Gears yet (respective to the time its been out).
For OP 1, I didn’t complete the TOD until the last week. For OP 2, I only played on Friday nights. If some players are struggling to rank up after playing so much, I have no idea how I am doing it so quickly.

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Re-up 15+ only seems to come up a lot lately. Because apparently anyone below is somehow not capable of playing Horde.

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I’m with you. This is way too much of a grind. They claim they will do something about it and many other things.

I say, words are not deeds.

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Horde gives terrible experience. Escape I think has the best gains per time invested.

I think there’s a balance.

Agreed a game should be worth 60$ if it can hold you attention for 12-60 solid hours of gameplay. So whatever your goal is, for me I just try to get that amount of enjoyment out of it and if consider it a success. Like Gears 4 where I have some ~50 days played, (much more than 60 hours) well worth the money imo.

Because in the end gaming is all about having fun.

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Honest answer is I think that the players are at fault, not the company.

Rewards in my opinion should be there to REWARD the player for doing something. Players now feel like they have the right to that content and feel like it should either be made easier or they “grind” for it.

I don’t understand this for 2 reasons.

1 - If a reward is made easier to obtain then it makes it meaningless because everyone will have it. Keep things difficult and get satisfaction from earning it.

2 - If it takes a lot of time, skill or effort to unlock something then good! It means that a player who has earned it has actually put time into caring enough about the game in order to show it off. I know this isn’t exactly on your point, but it’s why I hate Microtransactions for skins, as soon as somebody can get it easily then any random person who doesn’t even care about Gears could equip it, whereas having something difficult to obtain means that dedicated players will get satisfaction from showing it off in game.

As you say that you played the older Gears, think back to the unlocks in Gears 3, unlocking the Onyx weapon skins was so cool because you knew it’d been earned, whereas if they’d dropped the requirement from the 6000 kills to just 500 then the skin would be meaningless because so many more people would have it.

I think that they need to TOTALLY remove XP earned from Horde or Escape and have 3 different XP ranking systems, 1 for Versus, 1 for Horde and 1 for Escape. Each of these should have rewards unique to them. I know that will annoy some people but hear me out. Escape, it’s something I never play. Let’s say that Escape had a really amazing reward for Re -Up 3 (example), as a Versus only player I probably wouldn’t get that, that’d mean that either I would have to consider playing a different part of the game if I wanted it OR the player who earned it by playing that mode will have something to show off that I don’t have, because it was EARNED.

I do however agree with you, the Desert camos for Re-Ups are awful and more effort should have been put into them.

I feel like a lot of the rewards and / or challenges in Gears 5 are without any real meaning, nobody really knows how anything is unlocked and there’s no unique feel to them for that reason.

Players need to get the entire concept of “grind” out of their heads, if a reward takes a long time to get it then play the game normally and unlock it when you unlock it, it’ll have more value to you when you do.

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Agreed, and we rarely complain when we’re having fun.

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This is not a case of trying to strike a balance between being easy and difficult. Nah, this is what we call solution selling, a plague on the video game industry. They’ve made the level up system, escape and horde characters as grindy and tedious as they possibly could to sell boost.

For example: on one of my reups (think it was 13), it took me 30+ matches of Ranked and multiple insane frenzy runs to hit level 8 without boost. Now remember there’s 50 reups, 100 levels per, and the XP required also goes up the higher you are.

This should not be a thing

If it were easier then people would complain that the game is too easy to complete and there is no point in playing it anymore.

Do you see how they can’t win no matter what they do?

ANSWER: Spending 200 hours is not “too easy” and having to repeat what you do a hell of a lot and to get an ally to level 5 is a joke and takes way too long also. They can win but finding a middle ground that makes sense rather than continuing to increase the amount of xp and time it takes to get there and then having people pay for boosts or at least use iron for it to then not pull their hair out… If you make someone do something too much then you get burned out from it.

I feel sort of the same. We should get better re-up rewards such as 100 iron per re-up would be reasonable. You are also right the amount of XP is quite insane. At this rate I don’t think I will hit re-up 50 before gears 6 comes out because the amount of exp needed is just stupid.

I do agree the grind is very long, but then again, I wouldn’t mind it if you got some decent rewards for doing so.

TC are never going to give us iron for re-upping. Just, never.