Unfairly suspended

Don’t know how it happened but I was sent to the main menu right when a ranked match is about to start. No chance to rejoin the match and it suspended me from match making. Worst part is that it doesn’t clarify how long the suspension lasts.

The minimum suspension length is 30 minutes.

Assuming this is a rare occurence and you dont have a history of repeatedly quitting or getting disconnected, then it shouldn’t be any longer than that.

I am Expeirencing these Exact Same problems as you in Online Ranked matches.
Game Lags when placed in matches with people with extremely High Ping, then the game crashes to dashboard and it suspends me.

Players can be seen blindly running into walls right before it crashes.

I have had the same thing happen on several occasions.
Usually, when what you described happens, it is usually when you max out on ping; which is 1,100.
I’m assuming you are using wifi, which is can be easily interferred with by a device running on the same network.
At least that’s my experience

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Suspension last 30 min happend to me before

LOL, every time someone uses the microwave in my house my wifi goes crazy.

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been an issue ever since the ban were implemented. ive never seen a TC response other than “send a tweet”

Me and my roommate have several devices between us; generally playing anything online on Xbox or PC is fair. But for whatever reason, my Switch just wrecks the entire network whenever I have it connected.

When its off, we can have many different devices running with minimal issue. When its on, even a simple Google search can become a hassle.


I have issues if anything is on. Anything from a computer to a iPhone

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My wife’s iPhone just being on wifi is the worst. If my kids leave YouTube paused while on their tablets then that can be pretty bad as well.

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Well lucky you guys if it’s only temporary. I was apparently permanently suspended for 2 years without me even knowing it, all I got was different error messages such as “Failed to join game”, and I just gave up because I thought it was my network. Until I learned recently that I had been banned all this time for “modifying” the game when I have never done anything of the sort.

Still has not been resolved even though I have spent countless hours trying to contact Coalition. They just instantly shuts down my threads often without any answers at all. They don’t answer on twitter, not on the forums, not in forum messages, not in twitter messages.