Unfairly Banned

Have multiple issues with the game crashing except this morning where my modem went down game froze had to shut down everything and restart in the middle of a match I tried to get back in and was locked out. banned. now I have to waste time with quickplay in order to get back in. Time I do not have. Because life. I have never absolutely ever quit any multiplayer game (EVER) whether it be this one or any other one in my entire gaming career. This is complete BS and it needs to be fixed. To be actually considered amongst those that intentionally quit is a disgrace and should be to any loyal gamer.

There are a few games that ban you for crashing. I wouldn’t sweat it. Just do stuff where you aren’t penalized for crashing.

This is probably not your overarching point of this post but I’m solution oriented.

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Sometimes when i type in chat with my controller i crash and it ban me from rank. I try to avoid it now especially if winning but sometimes i loose my cool if im loosing and the dudes trash talk so i just wanna reply. Very frustrating a feature of the game make it crash AND i have to deal with a time wasting penalty on top of it.

At least i learned coop vs AI work… :pensive:

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“Because life”

Gears5 froze and shut off on me toward the end of a ranked game a few nights ago.

Luckily even though i was back at the dashboard my gunless character was just standing in spawn for several minutes after I was kicked so I was “technically” still in the match and didn’t get banned as the match ended.

Last night the same thing happened to my friend while we were mid match. His game shut off and even though he had plenty of time to rejoin the match he never got the rejoin option nor a banned message.

After that match ended we paired back up and I go to search for a match and can’t because it says he is now suspended.

At this sunset stage of the game TC needs to remove the “quit” penalty especially since nobody seems to be quitting. The game just crashes.

(Both on Xbox One S/X, not the new flawed systems)

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