I got suspended for 3 hours because my sometimes ■■■■■■ connection kicks me out of a game. This time it kicked me out TWICE but i got back in the game TWICE … when i tried to play another game i was suspended for 3 hours. Is there any way i can get someone to lift the UNFAIR SUSPENSION? The “quit” policy/rule needs to be polished, this is ■■■■■■■■. I’ve been playing gears since Gears 1 came out… can someone help a veteran out or do i just get kicked to the streets? help!!!

It’s a mix of server issues and TC’s penalty system. Clearly it’s not working as intended because everyone gets a suspension / ban at some point. The system is incapable of telling the difference between a rage quitter and a lobby dissolved by a server issue.

TC posted on twitter (seems that twitter is the official way of communication and the forums are the “unofficial” method) that they’re aware of it and looking for a fix. They said nothing else, not even a hint of when or IF they can fix it.