Unfair penalty!

Good evening! The problem that has arisen twice! Is that when entering a game loading the game, I go back to the main menu and then I want to load another game and no longer allows me, as if I had left for pleasure and penalized me! There’s a need to review those details! Regards!!!

So you are starting a game, which you quit, and get the penalty intended to prevent people from quitting…

So what’s the problem?

Don’t quit…

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He sends me to the main menu without me leaving the game! Anyway, thanks for nothing!

This has been happening for months, TC is aware of it but so far nothing has changed.

This happens to people all the time without them quitting. There’s been a billion threads about it.

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Happened to me twice on 2v2 gnashers. I was on my 5th game and kick me out. When I went back to another match. After finish the match they rank me with bronce 3.
Note: I won 4 matches (3 with MVP) and lost just one (also got MVP here). That makes no sence for me.

I don’t quit? Nvidia drivers freeze the game, this is TC’s or Nvidia’s fault for an entire year.