Unfair penality (i'm Tired)

I’m tired of receiving the third penalty in one evening. in all three games I didn’t even start playing and he kicked me out. it is a common problem for many players. what to wait to fix? I was almost diamond 2 now I’m onyx 3. I want my points back to me. I have not abandoned any match, the matchmaking is just broken. my gamertag is “beppewars” Do something because this game is making me nervous and I think I will abandon it.


You will get the points back unless the match ended due to your own connection loss or xbox subscription ends before the match starts or even the voting screen

Nope, not today. Game ended 2 minutes after the loading screen when you see the players stats and pings, the countdown never started. The server then closes the game and we loose our GP we paid.

Happened to me twice today.

It could take a day an you might not even notice it usually gives it back after you finish another match
Ive had this happen to me in atleast 6 times