Unfair Matchmaking | TC are you serious?

Well, it has been a while since my last match in KOTH and today I tried to give it a go and check what was going on over there as I was playing FFA ( at least I don’t have to blame any teammates) all the time (not mentioning ping)well, to be honest, I can’t understand how TC can create such an awful, unfair, stupid matchmaking like this in KOTH, and realize the same old s h i t is still there, well done TC

How it is possible to face a full-stack which most of them were Masters (3/4) against all SOLO players with different tiers like onyx, diamond, masters… to me this is a mystery… I mean how is it even possible to be matched against people that are so higher in rank while there are people stuck or starting at onyx like in my team?

I got other matches, where people from Masters teaming up with gold people to face lower tiers player that in 90% of the case are playing solo… How can this be possible?

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If you are a masters the only time you should see gold is if they are paired up with a diamond or masters player.


Yeah it’s busted asf rn

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Matchmaking is pathetic

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I’m convinced the matchmaking conspires against me and always has.


Meanwhile in Gears of War 4…


Took the words right out of my mouth

this will stay the same until TC realizes this is a joke of a ranking system and isnt a ranking system at all. on top of stacking, which is usually an auto win at a high level, the ratings are completly off.

it would be “ok” if when you had scenarios like this, you lost less due to the division difference, and the people who had a higher odds of winning won less. but again, that doesnt matter given the fact the ranking system is broken from the ground.


This ranked system is a lot more punishing than rewarding

Yes, the fact is also in the ‘searching people with similar skills’’ but I wonder how can a solo onyx player be matched with a master stack? how this ‘‘script in the code’’ works?

And it is also true

as these teams, most of the time is made to find ‘‘easy’’ team to fight against… and as said before this can be also addressed as a ‘‘exploit’’ which needs to be fixed IMHO. Too easy for carried-like, faked-ranked masters to act as they were actually there…

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I don’t see how we should even be focused on ranks when the foundation of ranked is below sub par.

First off we need better servers.

We need to region locks. Who cares if it takes forever. If word of mouth is Gears of War has supreme servers the people will be more inclined to come back.

Not sure whose in charge of this but if we have to ask Microsoft please do so.

People don’t come for halo, wwe, bi gender, terminator skins.

They come for the player experience.

If the experience is bad you can best believe they’ll move on to something else on games pass over the plethora of game.

There should not be any ranks until we get this fixed.

Heck, scrap the ranked system & find some friends to play with.

Ranks are meaningless in my opinion. Being a masters in this OP has no real merit.

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No one plays the game.

On top of that TC recycled the same broken matchmaking from gears 4. Both gears 4 and 5 ranked are unplayable. Pretty every single game has people quitting. TC expects players to just stay in the game and play a boring match where one team has more players than the other. It’s a complete mess and the state of matchmaking/quitters especially game after game makes me have very little confidence in ms and TC.

… these threads will never end will they

we’ve told you multiple times why this is happening. do you not believe us?

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Tbh OP didn’t come here looking for answers

I think, this kind of topic will never end, as TC should give an answer before we are stopping in making a new one. As If you saw my previous topic on FFA, i still didn’t get an answer on how people are headshot me while on cover…