Unfair match,,,

Always in the games I have to play with teams that are new to the game, it is not something that bothers me, but in the opposite team they always go in full equipment and it is not fair that I still go (example) 50-2 me go down, or even then when I win the games only for the lost rounds, I lose more one lost round than the ones I win is the system of ranks unfair.

Even when I’m a leader, I still don’t die, they lower me like 20 points for that round, and so they don’t lower me, I take care to be matte and matt, which I can’t always do for the teams they give, it doesn’t bother me, I already said it but I don’t know can when they give you new people in the game and you go against complete teams that are already “good” I will leave captures in which I still do the best I can get down for any nonsense
For a damn round low more than all you win, what happens there? it is unfair according to that that had already been solved, since game g5 the same thing happens to me no matter what I do, for a lost round I get everything down.

I hate. Matchmaking is bad I sometimes win. When rounds you lose break. I lost all my ranking points.

That’s right, the pairing and ranges a bit broken

I’m glad you understand my interpretation of what you’re saying but as far as me… I really don’t get what you’re trying to say.

I mean that it is “frustrating” that you always play teams that are new to the game (I don’t care if they know how to play or not) the bad thing is that it always plays vs teams that go together, and then just downgraded like that, but never when I look for a complete team find matches and it can’t be like that, just look for 3 people and still win for 1 or 2 rounds that win the opposing team lower you much more than what you won