Unfair Lobby glitch penaltys!?

I waited for 20minutes and the game got stuck like yesterday. It constantly dissolves the lobby. The problem is that it didnt allow me to quit out of it,the only choices i have is to wait and wait and wait and wait. Or quit of it and get a penalty,and i just did! Please remove that penalty from me. I just wanted to get out of that glitch to try again. But it punished me for it.
I already have penalty for something like that. From before. And it sucks to take another punishment for nothing. Please please remove it. It happend around 1200 day time in norwegian time.

I hope u can see if i quit in a match,and can see i was stuck in lobby forever. Thats why i try to give presice information as possible

Edit:fixed errors and added a bit of sentences i forgot to mention

Oh snap! the time is That late over there now.

Ill try to tag them over twitter,
I guess i will be stuck on gold 2 forever in this account, with all the penalty drama😜
Thanks mate for the tip and respond!=D

Unfortunately TC does not remove any penalties on people’s account in any scenario. So best bet is to stop playing Gears until the penalty is lifted.

As for constant lobby dissolves its definitely worthwhile to tweet at Coalition Gears Royce said