Underused colors in gears

This is a really odd question but what colors do you think gears has underused and what colors would you like to see more?

This can relate to anything in gears, not specifically to skins or characters.

Me specifically: I’d probably say green, seeing Azura in act 1 was breathtaking and I want to see more overgrown locations.


Definitely grey, brown and black. Put that sh*t on everything.


Obviously, there isn’t enough grey and black.

Putting aside the sarcasm, I’d be interested in seeing some underwater stuff for the campaign. Like that section in 3s Campaign before Azura, but instead looking through underwater ruins like Jacinto (probably) is now. Or I dunno, an MP map in some sort of underwater research station built by the COG post Locust war(no, you can’t open flood doors to kill everyone). Obviously, that would involve lots of blue, but that’s my favorite color so it’s a win win where I’m concerned. I’m sure TC could come up with some lore background for why you’d be searching through sunken ruins in part of the story. How would they implement any sections where you might not be in a vehicle? Well, uh, look, I don’t work in the “make ideas actually happen” department.

Jungle environments also fit the bill, albeit in a different way.


Real answer, more of everything in Gears 3, J, 4 and 5. Those games are actually gorgeous.


I’d love to visit Jacinto, the sub we took from that naval base in gears 3 might still be functional.

Ok ok…

You cant tell me that act IV in gears 1 isnt beautiful.

That’s probably my favorite gears act in terms of looks.

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Or the New COG’s built new subs. There is a rubble reclamation manifest collectible that details they’ve been scooping up stuff from Jacinto, so I’d assume they have submersible support for whatever they send/retrieve. Maybe not necessarily large scale but since we have mega mechs, surely building a sub can’t be that difficult.

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Speaking of the navy, does the COG even have anybody qualified to be in the NCOG anymore?

I have absolutely no idea. Far as I know, the navy aspect hasn’t been covered in any post-Locust material. But then, I haven’t read the most recent book out of a certain lack of interest.

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I unironically love the factory in Gears 1.


Act III once you go into the Hollow is definitely my least favorite location.

I’ve never been a fan of the Hollow and the immulsion aesthetic.

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When I went back to play Gears 2 awhile back, what struck me was how… brown everything was.

Like, holy crap. Why was everything so brown everywhere?


TC is good with green. They’ve made plenty of awesome maps like Garden, Azura, Dawn, Relic. Also good with neon as we’ve seen in Diner.

Would also like to see different colors on vehicles. Maybe some camo on armadillos, ravens, etc.

We need more J U I C E


This is way better than anything Swarm gunk on the map imo


You’re so wrong on so many levels :pensive:

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Smh, when OP says you’re wrong…

I don’t like the tentacles, they’re not overbearing but still. No thank you. :face_vomiting:

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Immulsion makes me sick.


Too bright for you? I recommend playing with some shades then lol

Its just ugly.

I’ve never been a fan of the immulsion/hollow aesthetic.

That’s why I dont like Nexus. The architecture of the Hollow is sweet but not the immulsion, it just bothers me.