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About daily I check the Gears forums to see what players have figured out about Gears 5 Horde. Unfortunately most threads about Gears 5 Horde are centered around voicing displeasure about the parts of it that people don’t like.

I’m interested in starting a thread to share specific information that players have figured out about how Gears 5 Horde works that the publishers have yet to release, or may not ever publish in a detailed manner.

For Example:
It’s clear that each hero character has different options as to what they can build at the Fabricator, what is it specifically for each.
There are Power Taps that can be captured, how much energy can you get out of them and when?
There’s a Forge, how much energy do you get from destroying weapons? what affects this amount?

I was playing in a horde match yesterday and some explained that a teammate saved them from an enemy during the middle of an execution animation, (not sure if this was a Sire or not).

Here’s a few things that I have figured out so far, but could use more verification.
Jack can make Forges and Weapons Lockers
Fahz can make Barriers and Weapons Lockers

I think - Power Taps generate 100 after surviving 1 wave, 200 after 2 consecutive, 400 after 3, 800 after 4, then continue to generate 800 each wave there after that they are not destroyed. Resets if destroyed.

Forges generate 10 energy per weapon at lvl 1 with no cards applied, 20 energy at lvl 2 with no cards. This may vary depending on the amount of ammo in the weapon up to 40 a lvl 1 for a full ammo weapon.

Reviving more than one teammate at the Fabricator does not cost energy, but there is a longer respawn delay for each teammate revived.

I’m sure I have learned more, and can share here if others find this useful and contribute.

p.s. I feel like I am in the minority, but I am enjoying this horde and plan to play it quite a bit to experience different characters and strategies.


After going almost to wave 50 multiple times, I like and hate this style horde. I hate how people can’t play who they want how they want, NO freedom of choice or customization, we’re forced into a specific way to play, tho it is possible to get around the barrier, i.e, picking up dropped weapons/ asking teammates to buy you a weapon. The class system from 4 is actually in this game, it’s not as pronounced as it was. Del/Kat are the only engineers who can build and upgrade anything all others can only build certain items. Jackbot can repair with the heal beam. Kait is the only scout and passively grants 25% more power to nearby kills, altho I can’t seem to tell a difference…All other characters are labeled “Offense”. No other character other than the 2 engineers can upgrade fortifications. I am growing fond of this horde but I don’t think I can get over the restrictive weapon sets or no duplicate characters altho it seems the game counts the gilded skins as seperate characters even tho it warns about duplicates, I noticed a regular JD skin and I was my gilded JD and we both got into the game, not sure if it goes for Marcus and Kait as well or if its just a glitch with JD. I love how power is shared, i love the smooth mechanics and essy flow of the waves. The new bosses are really fun. The forge is really cool and the power taps bring a new challenge to the experience, spe ially if they spawn across frkm the base set up. The negatives of seeing hardly any teamwork saddens me though… but that’s just because I tend to group up with randoms.


The Good\Improvements:
Anyone can pick up power without negative implications, plus everyone gets energy when its collected by anyone
The perk system: I like the perk system, in 4, players were the same strength for all 50 waves while enemies and fortifications were allowed to increase in strength. I think the perk system is an important feature to allow the player some customization and strength scaling to keep up with enemy and fortification scaling as waves progress.
Character/Class variety: more variety here, though less flexibility
Power Taps: risk/reward for expanding base or leaving base
Forges: found a way to get something for unused weapons lying around
Skill Card unlocks: skill cards are no longer locked behind RNG system
Ability to skip ahead to the next wave
Ability to give energy to teammates
Reviving teammates at fabricator no longer costs energy
Score screen no longer marks kills one at a time delaying the score screen
weapons no longer disappear at wave start (I think its 30 secs regardless of wave start now)
same with energy I believe
Melee attack is much better
New customizations: Marks, emotes, blood splatters
Enemy variety improved: I think the Sire is a new unique challenge
Enemy health bars
Hit numbers
Custom Map Lobbies
Ultimate Abilities
New Weapons
Heavy weapons no longer disappear immediately when emptied

The Bad: (you can look anywhere on the forums for endless complaints, but this are a few standouts to me)
Characters tied to specific class/gun set: You can no longer play the class you want with whichever character you want. This is an important one to many people, It doesn’t bother me much as I don’t care much what the character I am play looks like, I pick based on skills/class/abilities. I’d play as Jar Jar Binks if he had the skills/cards/abilities that I liked best.
Ammo is under supplied
Servers issues are bad, hard to play 20 consecutive waves without dropping let alone 50.
Getting dropped means all your perks are reset when you rejoin
It is more difficult to collect a lot of energy: No 2x pickup bonus for scout or deposit bonus.


One thing I have noticed is, when you kill an enemy it drops a double stack of energy. If you don’t pick it up after 15- 20 seconds it becomes a single stack. Anyone else notice this?

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Killing enemies drops at least 2 stacks of energy. After 30 seconds or so the energy decreases to a 1 stack. Everyone should be scouting to clean up after their kills. Sentrys and ai bots wont pick it up for you.

I dont know what people view as good locker etiquette but I prefer to have 1 locker to myself with at least 2 slots on it to keep myself shooting with any character.

I read that you collect more energy immediately (5 sec? 10 sec?) after it is dropped, but I don’t have proof.

My etiquette is the first 10 rounds I deposit all my energy in the fabricator, after that I save to power up 1 level and deposit the rest and keep doing that until level 5 of my perks i need then deposit only. When I run as Del I build 5 lockers before any thing else. Then i build the base after. Keeping my guys stocked up on ammo beats any sentry I deploy, so I build those last.


I was playing fahz and built 4 lockers. Everytime I go back to my locker, my longshot, embar, or markza would be missing.


Yeah, that’s the pits. I run Del with locker over clocked. That’s a requirement imo in this version of horde. The ammo boxes are pathetic. I think that’s what also makes people quit, when like in your case you spend your energy for the locker and your weapons are taken.


Horde Questions:
What do Power Taps do? What are you doing when you press your hand on a Power Tap to activate it?
Do your bought perks expire…?
Thank you

He explains this in detail in the end of the post, but tldr: Power Taps basically generate energy you collect at the end of every round. Perks do not expire.

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You have no idea how long it took me to realize Kait could not build anything but weapons. It was driving me mad. Especially since there were game no one would pick engineer so we had no barricades.

I loved Gears 3 horde mode, and I just couldn’t stand Gears 4’s. It was the rng cards and the fortifications felt boring. I am really loving this Horde mode because the difficulty tears (even though I think there are too many, and it is dividing the playerbase too much). I love playing Kait despite the fact she took some time to grow on me. The Perk system really provides a sense of progression within the game besides fortification. I don’t play past Insane (usually Elite), and I tend to focus on health and health regen on higher difficulties. Movement speed and health on lower difficulties.

Only question is how do I rejoin games? It kicked me out at wave 43 on Horde, and it didn’t give me the option to reconnect. (Never managed to get to wave 50 on horde ever. My brother turned off my Xbox for church one time, I disconnected this time, and one other time I came close in Gears 3 but we just could not get passed wave 46. Always something.)

The class system would be fun if there were class specific perks. I think Kait’s passive should be applied to her and the escape chick(the only other scout), and Kait should get a new one. Also, there could be cards and weapons that go across multiple characters. This would also make it less frustrating to play as a hero you may not necessarily want, but not be forced into a specific role.


When power taps appear, they are translucent at first. You must stand in the ring until they are captured/built. After they have survived for a wave, energy will show up on top of them. You hold down x on them to collect the energy (for several seconds 10 maybe?). Each person on your squad gets the amount that you see collected. This amount increases as the power tap survives more consecutive waves.
Perks do not expire, and you do not loose them if you die. They do not carryover to new horde runs, they reset when you start a new/different horde run, which is also effectively what happens if you get dropped from a match and rejoin.

To rejoin a game, you would need to have contact with a person that is still in the game. Join game off of a friend in your friends list that is playing or message them to invite you back into the game. When I play public (xbox), I look at the “recently played with” list and message them to ask them to invite me back because I was dropped by the server.


Just to update about the locker situation…

I was in a public experienced game with no del or kat. I ended up building 8 lvl1 lockers as fahz. That seemed to be enough to free up an ammo box, and not have weapons being stolen.

We failed at wave 49 because people voted to skip the 30 seconds to next wave and one person was still collecting outside the base. We died trying to the do the revive thing.

I had a good time.


Can anyone explain me why for example barricade price is going up after purchasing 2 or 3 ?
Why are the next things getting more and more expensive? even at the smallest level of difficulty?

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Seems to be something that generally applies to any difficulty. The more fortificatiins you build, the more expensive it gets. Seems like an interesting concept to me, may lead players to consider their choices on what to build.

Not really good idea. Fortifications become more expensive but only for one player so when engineers price for barricade is to high, someone else will buy a few next.


Haven’t played much yet and it’s probably obvious:
Between waves, when the scoreboard is showing, you can still run around and collect power.
There is also a splitsecond before going dark when you can activate the power tap, so the 10 second wait is wasted during the scoreboard and not during next wave preparation. A few times I’ve been able to pick up ammo or activate power tap in the dark, but usually X triggers the gamercard-panel.

So is anyone actually using the forge? The amount per destroyed weapon (~20) does in no way account for the buying price of 9000 power. Did I miss something?

@Borewicz79 Are you sure the reason for the higher price is not that the engineer is buying already leveled-up fortifications?

Some things I like and hate about this horde.
Being an engineer main from gears 4, I miss the manned turrets.
The buff’s to heavy weapons and you no longer need to mount them to fire accurately kinda balanced that out.
I like the class system. It doesn’t feel like 1 class is extremely powerful over the others. In gears 4 most people were heavys with salvo filled weapons lockers.
The fact only the engineer can build all fortifications and upgrade them is a double edged sword. It does put more importance on the engineer. Last gears it felt like once you had enough money and were setup the engineer lost their value. This one you keep your value throughout the match.
I like/hate the fact you can only have 1 class per match. I like we can’t have multiple class’s but people tend to leave at wave 1 if they don’t get what they wanted. Maybe put in a penalty for quitting early or let other people join in once a horde has begun.
The taps are nice. I only go after them if we have a full group and they are not across the map. I wish some of my team mates would give up on the un-defendable ones at wave 30+.
I would like the enemy to use more weapons. I used to be able to get a lancer from the fabricator or pick up one from a dead drone. Now I need Marcus to give me one.
The forge, I found, is expensive and gives very little back. It is meant to be used by the whole team. You need an engineers discount, Jack’s bonus to smelting and most of all the team has to be dismantling weapons. Not just Jack for it to pay off. I had Jacks smelting bonus to 100% and we had a lvl 4 forge. We were getting like 240-480 depending on the weapons. I thought it gave the same power regardless of the weapon or ammo thrown in. At forge lvl 4 it does make a difference which gun you smelt.
I like how cards are unlocked at fixed lvls instead of the rng of loot boxes.
Ultimates are a nice edition.
I don’t like that outside beginner, match making ends the whole game if everyone dies. Move that up a difficulty or let us turn that on/off.
I would like more ammo boxes. You run out of ammo fast in this gears and 2 boxes among 5 people is like a knife fight.
Wardens need some tweaks. Mainly when they are frozen. I’ve had one frozen solid and shot him in the face multiple times. It didn’t show him taking any dmg.
Being able to reload with a full mag to get the perfect is sweet.
Heavy weapons no longer get dropped when they run out is also nice. In gears 4 I had to save 1 round if I wanted to put it back on the locker.
I hate bastions. Especially when there are 2-3 of them grouped together. When the one that was shielding the boomshot dies another jumps in to shield the same boom shot -.-
I like the changes to scout. 25% more power on kill is balanced compared to double energy on pick up. It made having a scout invaluable and they often had all the power.
I like that no matter who pick up the power everyone gets a cut. I had soldiers save up all their power for hammer strikes on boss waves when id rather have another turret.


I used the forge in a recent match, here’s what I observed. I had a lvl 1 forge, and a lvl 1 smelting(?) card to get a bonus 50% from dismantled weapons as Jack. It seemed like everything I dismantled gave 30 energy. Each human controlled player received 30 energy. Players dropped and were replaced by bots during the match and the amount remained 30. So at the beginning of the match dismantling was worth 30x5=150 energy total, and near the end it was 30x3=90 energy total (3 human, 2 bots).
I have been in a different match where players would “combine” weapons to fill them with ammo before dismantling, I think this did increase the amount of energy received.
I think the forge is not a good payoff unless Jack has the smelting card leveled up. An engineers discount on the forge helps as well.