Unbearable lag today

Nothing like entering several lobbies in a row where the ping is at least 100+. But hey, don’t worry there’s 1 guy with 20 ping who’s taking the lobby to school since he doesn’t have to worry about predicting his shots a full second ahead of where the person is going to.

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My ping is always at least 90 and I live in south USA.

I have from 80 to 140 if I join US/MX matches, 4 to 40 on EU servers and one time I got from 200 to 1400 on a horde but I never knew of which country were the host

60 to 80 in CANADA, sometimes higher if the internet goes to crap…

1400 ping, more likely a different planet.:+1:

20-30 in eu, 90-100 east us.

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Gears 4 has been running like a dog for me for ages. I’m nearly always the highest ping (uk) in any match no matter time of day.
I actually unistalled a couple of days ago as it was just too frustrating to play. I might try again in a month or so. It is ridiculous that a game from 2016 who MS own can run so badly… I know badly I play(attempt) as I play Gears 3 daily. I allow it some grace though, as when it works as it should, say 50% of the time, there is no Gears experience like it.

On that bombshell I’m off to ply Gears 3

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