Unacceptable: 0 xp points since updating levels. Cause ?!

Hello. How do you explain this choice?!?

So since the previous update, players who reached the Maximum level (Prestige 50) were playing for nothing !?! If some progression of trophies have been validated by retro-activity, why the “XP” No!?

@ TC_Staff


Because it is much easier said then done, there would be a fair bit of backed work that would have to be done to constantly track XP gains once someone has reaced level 100, plus how would the xp be rewarded, and what would happen to those that have reached re-up 60, do they continue to earn xp?

Yeah, don’t cry about it please.

If you enjoy the game so much, you would play it and get to 60.

If you don’t, forget about it and move to another game.

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I doubt they use server space to count above max xp and also they deleted your xp a while ago bro, trust me they do not care. That being said if you farmed 82 mil xp whats another 8 mil or so.

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Me if it was me losing all that xp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Hz8ShsPCY8

Isn’t a forum about expressing yourself ?.
What about players who bought boost and hit 50 with boost still active ?.
How much space could counting a number really add to a database ?.
I think it’s a rip off to get players to buy more boost.

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