Unable to use 'Dave' to open the Commanders door to the Commanders office (Steam Version)

Can anyone please help me…For some reason I am unable to use Dave to open the Commanders door to the commanders office. When I look up to the vent , all I can see is a ‘dave’ icon with a red circle and a line through it.

What am I doing wrong!!!

Thanks in advance

I’m also having the exact same issue!!

Please help!

If I remember correctly, it’s a vent opening up top to the right and behind you… Not the one you see directly in front.

Just walk a few steps back and look around the place.

Same problem

I had this problem and had to reload checkpoint and t just fixed itself

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I already done that…In my case, there is a red sign indicating I can’t send Dave, I don’t know what to do, I’ve already killed all enemies, maybe is it a bug? Anyone else having this issue?

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I installed the latest update and reload the checkpoint and it worked!

Is it in the area where you fight the locust drones in the new hope facility? Because I had that problem there and resetting fixed it so idk how to help :frowning:

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I’ve tried all these resets and nothing worked. I think the problem is the ‘fight’ music is still playing even after you kill the last enemy, so until your ‘fight’ is over, it’s not going to let you do anything. I’ve not been able to do anything to make the fight actually end, here :frowning:

The problem is the robot needs to come in with you and die if the robot doesn’t spawn after scene the robot death triggers more enemies to spawn since those enemies don’t spawn and die the game is stuck and you can’t progress