Unable to upgrade skill cards in horde?

So is the new issue of the day that you cant upgrade your skill cards in horde? i get the option to press X and hold it to upgrade like normal and it does the thing where the card closes from top to bottom but then when its to show that its upgraded it says its still at the same level and didnt use the cards for upgrade?..

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i have the same issue with lizzie.

i have 20/20 on enforcer expert but can’t upgrade it to 6.

i see this is an old post. is it solved for you?
if yes, how?

i tried reinstalling the game, tried it on 3 different consoles and 1 pc and still can’t upgrade it

I am having the same issue. Any fix for this yet?

4 Skillcards (Jack) showing “Upgrade” but it is not working. It seems that is an issue with the new Op6. Some Cards showing already much more cards for an upgrade than neccesary, like 10/6 or 15/10. I would issue a ticket but I don´t know how.

Until there is a confirmed fix I would recommend no one try upgrade skill cards. Its happened before and after players attempted a few times to upgrade a card it upgraded after a while but aso upgraded it to the next level which took from their coins. Try once and if it doesn’t upgrade then just leave it until TC either fix it or it fixes itself.