Unable to upgrade anchor's Boltok Bandolier

So whenever I try to upgrade said skill card the usual animation plays but then the card doesnt actually upgrade and stays the same level. Anyone know how to fix this? Ive seen other people have this issue but couldnt find a solution anywhere. Also Ive had the issue for a while its the last skill card for anchor that I need would really appreciate some help.

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Welcome to the club, i forget how many tickets is send asking for a fix,they never fix this.

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I’ve had a BM card stuck like this for over a year. Multiple tickets and zippo - they don’t care.

When this happens to me I reset the game and that fixes it for me.

How? I have PC Win Store version.

I would assume you just close the app/force stop the app then restart the game.

I’ve done that probably 200x. Even uninstalled and reinstalled. Nope.

Its worked for me and a few of my friends. Was just a suggestion.


Yeah thanks. Luckily it’s an escape card which I only play for dailies anyway. I’m fine with it never being fixed at this point.