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Unable to Sign In to Gears 5 on Steam

Even i started it right now and, i am facing the same problem too, i changed the passwords two time but it says incorrect password, but is logging in to xbox social

I just brought the game me and my wife and we cannot login…says our xbox passwords are wrong, anyone finds a fix let me no please :slight_smile:

wtf, i played last night has no issues. today i just home from work. steam gears 5 are mess up with Microsoft login. got email and password information is incorrect. i did change password from accounts. same thing!! please help!! bug update version!!!

This seems to be a steam issue. Will need to send support tickets.

Everybody I was having the same issue but I just tried again and now it’s working so try signing in one more time

I saw a comment by the Steam user OrangehJuice who suggested running Steam as an administrator to fix the issue. I can confirm that this indeed does work! For the small few of us who don’t know how to do that, simply right-click the Steam icon on your Desktop and click “Run as administrator”.


What she said!!!

What he initially said!

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Worked fine without any need to run Steam as an admin.


I just uninstalled and reinstalled steam.

It did the trick for me, i can log to gears now!

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Probably need to allow access. I had the exact problem with Metro Exodus awhile back on PC. Was quite annoying.

Launch as administrator fixed it for me, wow such a simple fix, i hate computers LOL.

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I tried running as an adminstrator, but now i see error signing you to xbox live. But the password is working

This is so stupid, but it really works, running Steam as administrator resolved the problem

Not here…