Unable to Sign In to Gears 5 on Steam

Even i started it right now and, i am facing the same problem too, i changed the passwords two time but it says incorrect password, but is logging in to xbox social

I just brought the game me and my wife and we cannot login…says our xbox passwords are wrong, anyone finds a fix let me no please :slight_smile:

wtf, i played last night has no issues. today i just home from work. steam gears 5 are mess up with Microsoft login. got email and password information is incorrect. i did change password from Microsoft.com accounts. same thing!! please help!! bug update version!!!

This seems to be a steam issue. Will need to send support tickets.

Everybody I was having the same issue but I just tried again and now it’s working so try signing in one more time

I saw a comment by the Steam user OrangehJuice who suggested running Steam as an administrator to fix the issue. I can confirm that this indeed does work! For the small few of us who don’t know how to do that, simply right-click the Steam icon on your Desktop and click “Run as administrator”.


What she said!!!

What he initially said!

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Worked fine without any need to run Steam as an admin.


I just uninstalled and reinstalled steam.

It did the trick for me, i can log to gears now!

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Probably need to allow access. I had the exact problem with Metro Exodus awhile back on PC. Was quite annoying.

Launch as administrator fixed it for me, wow such a simple fix, i hate computers LOL.

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I tried running as an adminstrator, but now i see error signing you to xbox live. But the password is working

This is so stupid, but it really works, running Steam as administrator resolved the problem

Not here…

Unable to sign in to the steam version of Gears 5 for the past couple of days. At press enter screen I get ’ An error has occurred. Please try again later. Failed to sign into an Xbox live profile '. The change profile button does not respond. Only option that works is quitting the game. Tried all the above fixes, redownloaded the game, uninstalled and reinstalled Steam. Nothing on my system has changed since the last time I have played the game, except for the mandatory updates to the game itself. The error persists regardless. Downloaded the Microsoft store version via game pass and that works with no issues, I am able to sign in and play no problem. Please look into this issue. I purchased the game and now have to pay an additional fee for a game pass subscription just to play a game I already own. This is unacceptable, especially considering it is a recurring issue that should have been addressed. If supporting the game on Steam and having it running properly is too difficult then please allow me to migrate to the Windows store version or something because this is ridiculous.

Have you tried shutting down your machine completely and turning it back on?

Did that yeah. No change. Thanks for the advice

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It worked for me so I figured I’d post it :sweat: if you do figure out a solution, think about updating here so others can see it too