Unable to Sign In to Gears 5 on Steam

Until earlier today, I had no issues signing in or playing Gears 5 on Steam. Unfortunately, myself and many others have suddenly began to experience issues with the ability to log-in to an Xbox LIVE account on the Steam version (unsure if it also occurs on the Windows Store version of Gears 5) of the game.

When entering the email and password, it says the information is incorrect. This isn’t the case however, as logging in to xbox.com, the xbox companion app, and outlook.com with the same information works perfectly.

I’m hoping for a solution as I’ve been unable to play Gears 5 today.

So far, I’ve tried uninstalling the Xbox Companion App and re-installing it. I then tried launching the game from the app itself to no avail. I also tried the Xbox Beta App as a potential solution which also didn’t work. I then tried a previous idea about automatically setting the system clock, which also didn’t work for me.

Thanks in advance!

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Don’t use the Xbox companion app. It’s useless. Uninstall it.

Get the Xbox beta app from the windows store instead. You should be able to sign into that with no issues

I tried the beta app method a few minutes ago and that didn’t solve the issue either. Thanks for the quick reply though!

So if you open the Xbox beta app and try to sign into it, it fails?

This is without the game open yeah?

No. Logging in to the Xbox Companion + Beta app works as intended. When trying to sign in to an Xbox LIVE account on the title screen for Gears 5 on Steam, it says the email/password information is incorrect. I posted a thread from Steam, highlighting many other players suddenly experiencing the same issue.

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Please get rid of the Xbox companion app. It adds to the problem. You don’t need it and I don’t know why Windows offers to install it. Reboot after removing it.

Sign into the Microsoft store with the same account too.

When you launch gears, it should be presenting you with an account list to choose the profile you want to use.

You shouldn’t be prompted to enter the account credentials at all… If you’re already signed in to the Xbox beta app and/or the windows store.

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I updated my previous comment to add more info

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I’m logged in to the Windows Store and the Xbox Companion App (needed to accept/send in-game invitations) with the same email as my Xbox Live account. What you suggested is what would have happened on Gears of War 4 (PC), where it would give you a list of previously used accounts to login with to quickly gain access. Unfortunately, the Steam version of Gears 5 doesn’t seem to save this information and if you ever sign out of the account, you have to manually type the log-in information again as if you were opening the game for the first time. For people who have purchased Gears 5 on Steam today, they’re unable to play it because of the inability to log in to an Xbox Live account.

This is an example of what it looks like (despite being logged in to the Companion App + Windows Store with the same email):


I can get and accept game requests via the Xbox game bar thing, iirc.

As for the rest, that is ridiculous. So you’ve had to manually login every single time you have played so far?

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Not every time. If you sign out to swap accounts so someone else can play on your PC with their Xbox LIVE account, try signing in to the game for the first time, or even accidentally push the bottom to change profile, it doesn’t save your information so you can click the account and immediately start playing again like Gears of War 4 did.

I’m in the Gears of War (Coalition Run) discord server and the few employees online have repeatedly ignored the issues brought to their intention through that channel, so I appreciate the quick replies from people on here! <3

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I’m having the same issues this morning. I bought and downloaded Gears 5 on steam last night, woke up this morning to play and it wouldn’t let me login. So I reset my password and tried again, still said my credentials were wrong. It also doesn’t allow me to use the authenticator option either. I tried all the fixes here: https://www.ghostarrow.com/gears-5-how-to-fix-failed-to-sign-in-to-an-xbox-live-profile-error
Still doesn’t work.

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That’s annoying. On the windows store version, I’ve been able to swap accounts fine, without having to sign in again.

Unfortunately, I don’t own the game on Steam, so it looks like I can’t help much further.

Sorry :sob:


Thank you for trying to help! Maybe some of your responses can be of use to someone having potential issues with the Windows Store version.

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Hearing your story has made me annoyed though.

They left gears 4 broken for a lot of Nvidia pc users and never fixed it.

The same thing is happening to gears 5 and they haven’t fixed it, or even acknowledged that it exists.

Now we also have this issue where people can’t even sign in to play the damn game.

Could TC give less of a fk about PC users at this point?

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I tried to create new account and sign in, but no use. It says my account or password is incorrect. Whereas I can login with the same credentials in my Xbox profile. Seriously, no fix to this?


i have same problem

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It would be better if I continued to play the pirated version of the game, but no, I still decided to buy it for which I was punished with a non-working version of the licensed game

I’m experiencing the same issue. I have three teams at Microsoft looking into the issue. I spent 5.5 hours on live chat with them. I have sent an email to gears support and to steam support. Do we need to start slinging reviews around before they take the issue seriously and address it? I’m quite frustrated. I’m starting to wonder if it’s better to just refund it through steam and download it through the Microsoft store…


I’m currently experiencing the same issue. Just built a new PC, I was able to log in on my old build but when I try on the new build it keeps saying my password is incorrect. I tried resetting it, and was able to log into xbox.com and other Microsoft services with the same new password but not in Gears 5 (Steam version). Tried everything everyone else commented on as well. Very frustrating.

So excited to play gears this morning after downloading and installing last night. Same issue, nothing I try fixes it.

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