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Unable to report players quitting

Growing so tired of players always quitting. Coalition believes they’ve solved the problem by preventing you from reporting those who habitually quit. No longer able to report after the game and it now requires so many options you can’t report during the game. I’m sure they are now showing so many fewer reports of players quitting. A joke!!!

It is a bit more long winded but you still can, I do, when and if I remember.

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Likewise, when the Recent Players list actually updates or I can remember the gamertag(s).

I don’t get why there’s now so many options under ‘Quitting Early’. You used to just select that option and then add a comment.

Reporting quitters through Xbox doesnt really do anything

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Unless there’s one in game, and it’s being monitored, then nothing will happen.
(spoiler alert; most devs don’t monitor these, they just have them to help you vent)

The Xbox system no longer affects matchmaking. Only gives someone a nice “avoid me” tag.

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