Unable to progress in Act II The Source of It All

It looks like my Campaign progress is completely blocked. I’ve found the transmission signal source, but when I arrived I ran around nothing happened. I left to explore the map a bit more and hit the continuous saving bug in the mines where defence didn’t start. Now that I’ve completed the mines, I am back to this place, but again I run around, nothing happens and since Del keeps asking why I don’t get off the skiff because this is the place my guess is that some scripted event isn’t working as it should.

I’m at the point where most likely I may need to restart the chapter, but this most likely will lose the Jack upgrades that I have.

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I have the same issue. I’m not able to progress.

Same problem here as well I get of the skiff round around the ice and nothing

So I’ve restarted the chapter, 1.5h hours down and hit the same issue again. Restarted the game, had to replay the last 5 minutes and finally got it.

Same here, I have run all the secondary missions and wondering aimlessly across the map. Seems an event is supposed to trigger at the transmission signal point. Have rebooted a few times with no luck, annoying.

Use the Tac-Com(LB) and walk up the the location and look down, you will most likely see a looking Glass and the option to press-x

Same issue. Hope its patched soon.

Same issue. Bummed I can’t continue the game!

Proceed from previous checkpoint (not the current) run back over, do it again. Worked for me