Unable to play with people


(Cvilaire) #1

I can’t find a game- I am in west us, 90-150 mbps (good internet) but I can’t find a single game (even waited 40+ min). I was playin matches yesterday and it just stopped. Every game mode including 2v2, tdm, and social quickplay. I know people are playing so what happened?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #2

I’ve seen a lot of threads saying the same thing since the update.

(Pigeon Park Bum) #3

The team needs to acknowledge that there is an issue with their matchmaking, and connections

They gladly post all over about events, skins, and what’s up every week

Yet never a mention of the issues, like bans, high pings, lag, global matchmaking that doesn’t work etc…

It’s a shame that it is just being swept under the rug, it seems intentionally, by the TC Team.

That in itself is not a good way to save face.

@TC_Octus @TC_Vectes @EVIL_0NE

(EVIL 0NE) #4

They are investigating it as we speak:

(Pigeon Park Bum) #5

That isjust 2v2 gnashers, what about the quit penalties for disconnects, and the onset of crazy high fluctuations in ping in game? In all game modes.