Unable to launch game on Steam

I keep getting an error when i hit Enter I get “Failed to sign into xbox live profile” I haven 't been able to even play the game since I bought it… Does anyone know what I could do? I have tried:

Syncing the time clock
Installing and logging into the Xbox Beta App
Logging into xbox.com in my browser

In my overlay ( WIN Key + G) it shows me logged in and playing Gears 5. Anyone got anything ? I am going to be really dissapointed if I don’t play this game cause it just wouldn’t start.

Did you try linking your Xbox profile with Steam?

Yes I did that. I tried that, I have now actually returned the game on Steam and I have a new problem when launching the game from the Xbox App. I am signed in on the app, I start the game and I can’t connect to any of the gears of war servers. I cannot see the shop or do any mutliplayer. Is there something else I have to do to get the game to work online?

Some times rhat happened to me too. Once in a while. Operation 3 update is buggy. Just shut it down. Then restart . You will get online