Unable to join a game

Searched for three ranked matches so far on the beta, got a failed to join message on all three of them. Out here forcing me to play this Gnasherless arcade mode.


I cant even find one there :joy:

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I can’t get into arcade or ranked.


I waited the 10 minutes to play because the servers are full then i got through the bootcamp thing and after that i couldnt find a ranked match then i searched for an arcade match and it says disconnected due to inactivity then it signs me out and says i have to wait 7 minutes again because the servers are full


I just got removed for inactivity waiting to get into a game…


yeah I keep wiggling the sticks so that doesn’t happen lol

Can not play!

Same .after que got boot camp…now just getting kicked…

So far it’s a fail on actually playing.

I did boot camp. Have to say I’m liking the talon pistol.

Yank and knife has been moved to the b button to knife.

September is not far away… servers seem wacked?

Like you guys, Im stuck in main menu can’t even join queue and game keeps droping error code:

Yeah something is up. It says estimated wait time is 4 minutes but its said that for like 5 minutes now so i think it’s frozen even though i see the birds in the background moving so the game itself isn’t frozen but just the timer? i dunno

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You could always play some gears 4 while you wait…

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If you close the app it takes you out of the queue guy.

I was being sarcastic,nobody who want to play gears 5,want anything to do with gears 4,until the test is over,unless you don’t have the tech test.Like me.

Now i am searching again and the menu music completely stopped playing…what in the world

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I got kicked for waiting for a game?

I got into a game and used the talon. The kick on it is insane, but damn, it’s super strong. Love it.

Really noticing the difference with the recoil system.

I cant get in a game either, between this and the broken esports skate quest I’m getting really apprehensive

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Seems like a good idea… if the game didn’t kick me out anyway.