Unable to find a full human players match in 2+ days

Ive been playing some social quickplay a lot yesterday and today. However, what ive noticed is that EVERY SINGLE MATCH ive joined has at least 2 bots on each side. I have not found a full 5v5 human players match in 2 days now, havin played at least 100+ matches. I thought maybe it was dead but now that its still going on, its too good to be true. Did I miss something here or something happened with the latest update? And also, every match ive joined and stayed in chaining maybe 10 matches in a row, no new human players have joined those matches so it will get drawn out to the point where all humans leave and its full of bots so I leave and join a new one, same thing. Its ALWAYS 3 human players and 2 bots on each team, EVERY. TIME. Whats going on?

Edit- my ping tends to be around 30-40 so I know it cant be my networking. This happening to anyone else too?


Where are you from?

USA (Texas, to be specific). Should I reset my modem/router and see if anything changes? Just seems really odd and much less fun having to deal with bots while playing the other team.

Nah, after I wrote this I see others are having the same issues. Seems to be a server issue.

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Having the same issue as well for 2 days now. I’m playing in the european region. Hopefully the fix the problem asap!

Social is now 6 player TDM. Basically they broke it & now it’s AIDS.

may be quite some amount of players got banned, i guess … lol

i came here for this… i got the exact same thing… few days now … sucks as hell man!!! please fix this quickly guys. the online game blows now
with all those r2d2’s running around…

Well, it’s a relief to know it’s probably the servers - I really want to buy this (playing in the game pass atm) but if I can’t find a single game thanks to broken matchmaking there’s not really any point lmao

Nah, the non-banned players should be filling those spare slots.
But doesn’t seem like it.

KOTH has humans

Ranked KOTH, yeah.
But this thread is referring to Social Quickplay.