Unable to connect to the Gears of War services

As the title says, Ican’t connect to the online components of Gears4.
I got the game as a gift from a friend yesterday and can’t for the life of me play coop or versus with him.
Game is running flawlessly on his end and I have no idea why it doesn’t work for me.
I’ve tried all the fixes i could find regarding the “teredo adapter”, the port forwarding etc.
I’ve included some screenshots.
I’ve contacted Microsoft suppport and they couldn’t help me.

It’s trying to tell you NOT to play the game online. It’ll just piss you off like no other with all the problems it has.The MP has died down a lot over the last year. Take a minute and check out old posts describing the problems.

I’m not a fan of the multiplayer, i wanted to play the campaign in coop :frowning:

By the looks of the screenshots you’re using a PC. See if any of this stuff TC has helps.