Unable to connect to GoW services. KINNERLAKE error message

Are the servers down again or is it just me? Couldn’t find any other threads for this today.

EDIT: I was hosting a custom horde on wave 28 and got kicked and couldn’t retrieve match results either.

I cant connect to the servers either.

I’ve just seen a post on TC’s Twitter about some “server-side update”. It was posted about 53 minutes ago.

Not really enough notice when people are already half way through Horde. Oh, well. Some notice is better than no notice.

Hey Baz,

Any idea what the update is?

Servers are not down.

Yeah, there are for me. Atleast, at the time of posting. I see you have a very hard time of believing this on the forums. XD

Hu1k Daddy
Hey, it was something to do with a “skill point display error” or something. Not too sure though.