Unable to change Mutators on Horde!?!?

Anyone else having this issue? When hosting a Horde match i’m unable to change the mutators and instead just get an “X” in its place where i should be able to select them and clicking it does nothing.

it uses “stats” to set those. since they arent working right now we cant choos mutators.

also why people are losing campaign collectables

Makes sense, any ETA on a fix for that?

its been doing this for days and they said they fixed it like 4 hours ago. so your guess is as good as mine

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Meh, ill wait it out then. Thanks for your response.

How does it make sense that stats are needed to set the difficulty of a custom match?

Also why the hell is survival (game ends after failed wave) the first mutator to be applied when increasing the difficulty from beginner. It should be the very last (insane).

Check out thread

That bug fix is not simple for solo players, you need an online friend for it to work.