Unable to buy perks in horde

Anyone having trouble buying perks in horde? i keep pressing Y and nothing happens

I have the same Problem. Nothing happens by pressing Y .

Not sure if you are playing Baird but he doesn’t have Perks. Same deal with Del as they are Engineers.

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I was playing as Fahz and everytime i couldt buy the perks, i was playing alone with bots in a private lobby i dont think that should affect the perks

I think they’ve removed the ability to buy perks at wave 1 (they did this long before Operation 2). Is this causing the problem?

Wave 1 is not the issue, i have started on wave 8 and 10, finished the wave and keep going and i cant buy the perks

I’m having this problem as well. I have to plug in my USB Xbox controller and use that to buy perks and I’m getting REALLY sick of it. Can we PLEASE fix this? Playing nongineers is already handicapped enough by not being able to do anything useful for fortifications.