Ummm... not right

Why do I end up In a chainsaw battle with enemies that I put in fear with my ultimate? To me if they are in fear I should just get to chainsaw my enemies.

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Adrenaline rush? When people (and animals) are afraid, it triggers a fight-or-flight response. It’s not as unrealistic as you make out.


Game mechanic - fear or not if you try to chainsaw an Elite Drone while it’s in fear you automatically go into duel.
Unless you go behind the drone and chainsaw him.

Plus - it’s ELITE Drone - those guys are tough lol

It is very unfortunate that it happens. I forget sometimes and I chainsaw an elite drone and start a duel. I dont think ive ever beat an Elite Drone in a duel in Escape.

Also sometimes I’ll Fear some enemies and they’ll have the purple?( I’m colorblind so I dont actually know the color) aura around them but they are still shooting me lol

To my knowledge, the trigger to go into a duel is simply being chainsawed from the front while you have your own Lancer/Claw equipped. This is the game working as it usually does, rather than making fear affect that core game mechanic.

When I played Brawler on Horde the other day, I actually ran around with my Lancer in hand because I was twice surprise-executed by a Theron. With my Lancer equipped, it automatically puts me in a duel if they try.

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Lol, better question is why do enemies keep shooting at me, while glowing in fear?

Ohh, right… TC… “reasons”… Ok, gotcha…

I think the game is just super buggy.

I’ve Chainsawed an Elite Drone in fear from behind and it started the duel. I purposefully make sure to get behind them. Duel. Dead.

But then I see of teammates recklessly Chainsaw them from the front and no duel.

Ive also Chainsawed feared elite drones from behind and it played the animation like I Chainsawed them from the front and I didn’t get a duel.

I just make sure to melee combo the elite drones now though.

I’ve also been downed by rejects in fear, cyclops in fear. I got DBNO and a feared enemy hopped over the cover I was on and mantle kicked me which killed me.


Yeah they should just die automatically in fear

You play pve?

Yeeee I dabble

I now have a newfound respect for you Kyle.

Dont tell Danny :sweat_smile:

I have had Elite drones do a 180 spin to enter a duel a few times. The patch to stop enemies shooting you in fear didn’t work so what can you do.

I just Boltok stun or melee combo them when they are in fear.

dont get me started…The Nomad ult is the weirdest in the game…sometimes it works correctly…sometimes it doesn’t. And Nomad is my second fav class so no hate but it drives me nuts when someone is right next to me…i hit my ult and for some reason they don’t go into fear or still fight


Exactly, you said it. The game is buggy. It sounds like they fight back while in fear. In the description of fear for the nomad it says Exactly this… enemies in fear will not fight.