Ummm, I had no idea that horde has more than 50 waves

I’m guessing this is a visual bug?
Check the 4th lobby from the bottom. On Gridlock. It says Wave 51.


I’ve seen that a couple of times too. I’ve never tried to join though! It’s probably a visual error.

I feel like it was meant to be Wave 15. Haha I was taken a back when I saw that :laughing:

This would happen in gears 4 too, it happens when the browser refreshes as the game is ending after wave 50 is complete


That means the lobby is in score screen. So they basically ended Wave 50.


Its effect of endind horde coding solution to give player time to see scoreboard and UI stuff, instead of terminating game right away after killing last enemy.

You got to be lucky to see that cause it lasts only for a while in server browser. Or it shouldnt stay to long. Also there has to be a free spot in game for another player.

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Won’t it show as ‘Post match results’ instead of Wave 51?

No. It is always Wave 51 for Horde and Wave 13 for Horde Frenzy! :slightly_smiling_face:

“Welcome 1 a 50”

Perhaps it’s a typo, meant to be “Welcome 1 & 50”. Amounting to 51.

Case closed.