Umg gow for pc players

If anyone is keen on getting a crossplay option for match finders on umg please raise a ticket or provide feedback using live support to ask them to add

Currently there is no option for pc players to play gears competitively. The community for gears is very divided and would love for it to become a crossplay inclusive community.

There are options if you know where to look.

Esportsarena has been hosting weekly $500 gridiron crossplay tournaments on Sundays.

Domez and Reem have recently hosted crossplay FFA tournaments that have gone well, and will probably happen again at some point:

The upcoming Gears Showdown tournaments are crossplay:

Others who are actually into competitive play on PC (maybe someone like Aurora Symphony or Toby Campbell) might be able to identify additional options if you can get in touch with them on Twitch or social media.

Thanks mate, however, I would prefer to play in a ladder focused competition with the freedom to play matches whenever suited. A lot of the tournaments I struggle to join because of work commitments ect.