Um, did TC break Fahzs Icy Precision card when they updated the store?

Right before the store was updated, I was able to apply cold damage to enemies like normal. Now, it doesn’t do anything at all. Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes,now is useless again,only a small percent of freeze damage with precision
weapons during perfect reload.

It was OP before,you could freeze any enemies with a lancer or the claw with perfect reload (even Matriarch) without need to hit critical points.


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It’s not even applying freeze damage with precision weapons. It’s just totally broken right now.

Wouldn’t surprise me if they just completely disabled the card’s effect until they can give it a proper fix. Still pretty lame.

Really disappointing if this is an intentional change by TC, Fahz was finally a viable option and more important than that he was actually fun to play.