Ultimates reload your guns

So it should be no secret that Gears 5 PvE is heavily inspired by Overwatch and similar games, what with the whole ultimate ability system. I’d like to see Gears 5 take it a step further; most of the ultimates in Overwatch will reload your character’s weapon when you use them, and I think that would be a nice thing to do in Gears, too. A full reload on all your weapons on ultimate activation, plus actives on your currently equipped weapons would be perfect. It’s just a player convenience thing, making it so you don’t have to worry about the status of your weapons when you spot the perfect time to use your ultimate ability.

Personally speaking, the Veteran does this with his special ability and I like the fact it’s locked to him as it makes him a pretty ideal pick for something like that :smiley:

The Veteran’s ultimate gives you free, automatic actives every time you bottom out your magazine for the duration of the ability. That’s different from what I’m talking about; I’m talking about a one-time refill of your weapons’ magazines at the moment of ultimate activation, with actives on the equipped weapon.

Yeah I get the idea you’re proposing I just feel like we have a unique reload mechanic already with the Veteran and that’s fine (personally speaking anyway) :smiley:

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How does the striker reload a mace?

Cole has a card for that, you don’t even need the Ult for it. Same with Keegan. And Fahz, to an extent.

Good idea OP.

That will cost 6,000 gold coins or 500 scrap

Anyone using a chainsaw gets free reloads, and doesn’t even need to use their ultimate. :sweat_smile:


You can even get actives on other weapons with it. Being vague so hopefully, things are left were they lie…

See? It’s a feature, not a bug. Big smile, everyone’s happy.


No, it’s a game-breaking exploit. It should be nerfed. :shushing_face:


Full repair and unbreakable during ultimate?

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