Ultimate Edition

Does anyone play Ultimate Edition any more?

Don’t think so.

Maybe just a few, but I would expect most to have moved on.

Yeah, I tried for a match a few months ago and nothing.

Pity as it’s a awesome game

It is however going back to UE from 4 shows how dated it is.

Although the UE remaster was excellent, 4 is the better game overall with a better, more fluid and modern feel.

I played UE to get my insane achievements and after I got the aall the achievements I needed me and my friend decided to play to try play some verses and it took 15 minutes to find a TDM match. It’s kinda sad I only missing 14 achievements in the game and their all for verses. I guess this was on mefor not playing the game when there was still people playing it.

True but I like the game play and the team death match mode

I didn’t really care for the achievements however it is frustrating coming late to the game and not being able to play MP for it.

I played it so much when it launched as well right up until 4 came out.

Gameplay was my favourite too until 4 came out.

And all I ever played on there was Blitz :raised_hands: