Ultimate Edition DLC HELP!

I’m completely exhausted in ideas on how to get an answer or resolution to my issue so I apologise in advance if this isn’t the idea place to post about it.

I recently pre-ordered the ultimate edition of Gears of War 5, I decided to pre-load in the night before. I then went to work and got a text from my son asking if he could play it as it was going to be released soon whilst I was work as he couldn’t wait. I of course said that was fine and didn’t have an issue with this, however he used his Microsoft account to sign in as he said it was needed to access the game when he first loaded it up and he didn’t know the password to my Microsoft account.

After returning home from work and signing out of his account and signing into mine via the in game settings I noticed I didn’t have access to any of the DLC from the pre-order or from the ultimate edition such as the halo skins, lancer skin or the terminator skins. I assume when he signed into his account to access the game initially it must have automatically redeemed all of the content onto his account. I do not want to have to sign into his account every time I want to use the content I paid extra for via the ultimate edition, especially as that would then not save my progress and its a complete inconvenience whichever way you look at it.

I decided after I had found out to get straight on the phone to Microsoft as that was the service that was used to sign in so surely they’d have access to the account data and be able to see this sort of stuff. However this was not the case, I spoke to someone on the phone and he couldn’t see that I even owned the game let alone owned the content on either my sons Microsoft account or mine as it wasn’t purchased through Microsoft. He then advised I contact steam as its something they would be able to resolve as that is where it was purchased from.

I then decided I’d load up steam support and attempt to contact steam about the issue, I went through the support suggestions on the gears of war 5 and found the most plausible sounding option for help which was “Gears 5 - Ultimate Edition DLC Content” after clicking this I then proceeded to “DLC or bonus content is missing” and then “In-game Items” I was then confronted with:

“Unfortunately, Gears 5 - Ultimate Edition DLC Content does not utilise Steam to manage its items. You will need to contact their Support Team for any questions about your items in that game.”

My email address : Lukrativehd@outlook.com

My sons email address : Matty4_96@hotmail.com

I have also put in a support request which has yet to be replied to, #6396

I’d suggest just waiting for Support to get back to you. You’re unlikely to get help here - and if you do, it’ll likely be someone telling you to… make a support ticket.