Ultimate edition character pack info when?

When are we gonna get info on what’s included in the ultimate edition character pack?

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When the game comes out.

So they want me to pre order a game before even knowing what’s included?


I would think they’d announce it beforehand.

Really you think so??.?..?


Yep, that’s what I think. It’s the only way it’d make sense. No one knows exactly when they’ll announce it.

Well that’s why I’m asking maybe a developer of someone here has that information they could share

I don’t think they would yet. Many have asked before you, even on Twitter. But no response. It’s like keeping information hidden until ready to share,

I’m hoping Adam Fenix makes his way back.

I reckon they’ll reveal the contents closer to the time. Maybe during the week before release or something. Or it will be leaked.

I dont blame you after getting burned by Gears4

We will definitely find out before the game comes out, depends on how TC plan to layout their marketing.

If you go to the Microsoft store they have outlines of the characters available… Doesn’t say who they are but I’m pretty sure one of them is Sam from Gears 3? (Might be the older Gears 4 version of her, going off a blacked-out outline here xD)

TC said that the silhouettes aren’t representative of what the characters will actually be.

This is TC so expect a random roulette machine with characters attached and you have to stop it on the one you want but still end up getting a luchador in pants.

Thankyou for mentioning this I was wondering the same thing.

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So we are to be getting Kat and Emille from Noble Six. Some Halo: Reach Spartans and Terminators to play around with on Launch :joy: