Ultimate Duration & Recharge Times for All 19 Classes - Gears 5 PvE *UPDATED*

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Update: Operation 7 numbers are updated in the photo below.*

Figured I’d share info relating to standard ultimate recharge and duration times for all the PvE classes. There’s info scattered around in multiple old blog posts from Op4 + 5 but it isn’t all in one area. Atleast not to my knowledge.

Anyways, I tested the ultimate recharge time for all 18 classes (Jack in Horde hasn’t changed - still takes 5min) many months ago and decided to do it again to see if anythings changed.

Tested the times on The End because there isn’t another hive that has a longer wait time before fighting a single enemy and slow venom/venom fans in it. No enemies, no damage dealt or taken so that I could get accurate times. Keep in mind this is base recharge time - no mutators making it faster or slower.

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What about when you use cards and perks that decrease the cool down for Ultimate recharge on all characters? You can make Gunner, Nomad and even veteran have faster recharges with the right setups.

Also Jack’s also changes when you perk up of course

Yes of course but this is just base ULT recharge time as if you sat there and did nothing. Of course doing damages and perking up cooldown in Horde will lower those times substantially.

Oh I know that for certain since I’ve lost count on how many times I kept getting my ultimate back when playing as Clayton/Gunner after the class got buffed a while back.

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Great post btw, I’m definitely saving it so I don’t forget.

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Thank you @Dr_Shwazz, this is brilliant! Anchor of all classes - who knew (and Gunner was to be expected really)! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Marksman has almost a 7min cooldown yet it only takes 5 Headshots to get ultimate with max feedback lol

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The damage output is so significant - allowing that to be possible lol

Thanks for making this. I always intended to do this at some point but I never did.


Too much work to calculate. Perks for example have 10 different levels, some of which are based on damage feedback which are hard to calculate; while skill cards have 6 levels to calculate.

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True. Plus way back in Op3 or so they changed the behavior of the Ultimate Cooldown perk so now it decreases cooldown time by a certain % instead of increasing speed by a certain %.

In other words, level 10 UC perk decrease cooldown time by 50%. Whereas before Op3, it would increase cooldown speed by 50%. Slight difference lol

Thanks for this

Though I’m a little confused how jack has no cooldown with supercharged :stuck_out_tongue: I find it fun but don’t really know how it makes any sense when compared to other classes

You sir are a thought thief. I was sitting around yesterday wondering how long class ultimate took to charge, and now I find this … coincidence? I think not!

This is by far one of the most useful threads on the forums. I honestly love when these things happen.

Thank you for this. Its extremely useful and will definitely be saving this one.

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Marksman also with the patience card

Super situational. You wait 2 minutes so that the rest of the ULT charges faster. I have seen Marksman use it on the Split when it came out though.

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I knew it. Why is Coles ult charge 50 seconds shorter than Lahnis? That’s just ■■■■■■■■.

I wouldn’t touch Patience with a barge pole to be honest. All it takes is a single stray bullet to graze you and all of a sudden the timer resets. It just seems like a waste of a card slot.

Could be fewer with larger enemies like DR1s and Scions. If I remember correctly it could be as little as 3 kills. On later waves on master difficulty you could use X-Ray multiple times. It seems crazy.

@Dr_Shwazz would you be cool if I added this stuff to this big spreadsheet I have of information about the game? Of course I will credit you for finding this information.