Ultimate Collectors edition?

Will The Coalition release another bundled edition containing a statue with Gears 5 like they did with 3 & 4? Cos that would be awesome and must have it in my collection as a fan of the franchise .

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Doesn’t look like it,

But you can get a working Jack Drone instead :+1:

I was kind of afraid of that already. Besides, they are on the late side to announce such a thing too. Still, if they manage to pull it off 1 month before release, that would make me a happy person.

Doubt they would spring another Collectors Edition so close to launch.

Would be cool if they did, but I highly doubt it… I’m not digging the Jack drone that much either. And it’s exclusive to GameStop.

Sadly enough, GameStop is out of reach for me since I live in the Netherlands. Besides, when I tried the German GameStop, the result for the Jack drone edition did not show up, cos that is an alternative option for me to go for.