Ultimate Character Pack Picture

So in the picture, The bottom right near “Ultimate Character Pack” there is 2 characters, Possibly Sam (F YEAH!) And V-Day Marcus (?)
I am not sure about the second character, I have discussed this with people and they say that looks like Adam Fenix, And well, I hope that is true, Who do you think is the second character?

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Probably a placeholder.


I thought about that, I have a feeling that’s true

The female shadow silhouette looked definitely Sam. But don’t know which character has silhouette like 2nd character.

Either way, people said that both characters are placeholders. It could even be two male characters or two female characters. I wouldn’t even bother guessing because there’s too many possibilities.


I was thinking that it was a placeholder too…mostly cause i dunno why sam would be considered ultimate

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I’m pretty sure Octus said a while ago it was just a placeholder.

Could be them or two completely different ones.

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It’s just a placeholder of Adam and Sam from UE.

(Sam in the same pose.)

The Other one looks like Adam in this pose, just with his armor, which is why I think it vaguely looks like Marcus.

Just for clarification, even though the character images themselves are just placeholders for now.

(Fixed the images sorry).


Welp, Well then, RIP My Hopes and Dreams

Me too. But I hope Adam is one of the special characters. He’s a great character but never really gets any screen time. Hardly see him in UE or 3, (unless I’m playing him). And that Gears 4 Ultimate Edition DLC really ■■■■■■ with my head. Because at the time it was sort of misleading and I could’ve sworn it mentioned an unlock for Adam in 4, but it was for UE…great times.


Octus responded to this back at E3 saying it was just a placeholder.


The one looks like it could be a silhouette of Sarah Connor. The other character from the pack is supposed to be the T-800 I believe but the second silhouette looks human. Maybe, and I’m basing this on how the Gears 5 customize menu works, it’s an alternate skin of the T-800 and it’s infact Arnold. Would be strange having a human running around on the other side unless the face was messed up showing metal and red glowing eyes.

Sam and Baird ?

This is who I think it is

There’s a video on YouTube by SAS SH4DOWZ that says that one is Sarah Connor from terminator.

No it’s literally just Sam from UE did nobody read my post? WITH THE PICTURES?

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You could’ve just posted my screenshots of the comparison between the silhouette of Sam and Sam from UE.

I apologize since I did not. Now since I did, yes you are 100% right. That is who it is.

It would have been weird to have no Baird in the game except through dlc; so this makes more sense.

We need to remember that lots of characters in GOW4 were not available at launch and only added later. I suspect there will be a variant of Baird at launch, but even if there wasn’t I wouldn’t panic. We’ll get more later. I mean, we didn’t have a single Locust skin until March 2017! 6 months after launch.

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Where’s the no Baird thing coming from? He has a model in the game already, I’d expect him to be in day one.

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Huh what?

I’m referring to the other guy speculating whether there will be a Baird variant in GOW5 at launch or not, and just said that even if hypothetically he wasn’t, then he’ll be added at some point further down the line.

Also having the character model in game is different to having it as a customisation skin.

Bernie, V-Day Medic and several Locust characters were in GOW4 cos their models were used in the Prologue chapter, but we didn’t get them as customisation characters for Versus and Horde until a bit further down the line, so this alone isn’t necessarily an indication a character will be there at launch.

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