ULTIMATE AIR DROP 99.99(Was anyone crazy enough to buy one?)

This store item was so crazy,i had to ask if anyone was crazy enough to buy this one?

I bought alot of gear packs but never this one,hell i probley spent more then this one cost in total packs in the last 2+years on packs.

Bought three in the first week, I’m part of the problem.


No too expensive,with a home /family to run,money is tight these days

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I think I bought one 40 dollar pack just to see if it was any different but other than that I used only credits - because I realized it was a waste to spend actual money - b/c even doing so didn’t mean you or I would get what we wanted … even character packs I just used credits for them. The prices were too high to spend that kind of money on them - hence why many got frustrated with the way they were doing things in regards to the packs.

I’ve never spent a penny on these launch / core Gear Packs. I got everything through ingame credits.

I’ve spent around £700-ish on eSports packs, although a portion of that was from Microsoft points and gift cards so the actual amount is probably around £600.

I don’t know if crazy is the right word. Looking back it was probably silly, but at the launch of the game I was pumped to get started.

Most gamers with their own income don’t mind spending a little on a game they play. The horrible nature of the RNG is what makes me regret it. No one really understood how bad it was for a while.

Omg noooooo way, crazy is the perfect word, never even bought the maps, i bought esports clay thts all

I bought a couple air drops last night. Was looking for tomorrow Anya. Nailed her in the second try. :tooth::crab:

Can’t she now be crafted now?

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Heck no and glad I didn’t after seeing the issues with 4 I def I think I made the right choice.

She’s been craftable since November 2017.

I only had 480 scrap

I have only used credits to get packs, I don’t spend real money on RNG anything.

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Never spent a dollar for gear packs.

Anyone who did, either has money to burn or doesn’t value money.

There is a third, or they are ■■■■■■■ stupid.

As Beavis would say, fire, fire, fire.

It’s my money after all.

To be honest I don’t see the worth of spending actual credits on the crates as I don’t get much other than weapon skins … lately all it’s been for is more scrap. All it took for me was to do it once - and that wasn’t even the hundred dollar box set - to realize it was not even worth it.

Not a big horde player ?, most of my credits go to horde packs.

Never bought a single pack and never will, have not done the exact costs but the 100 pack airdrop either saves you a couple of pence at most or you’re actually better of buying them separately

I love horde - most of my friends don’t play the game anymore, and considering most of main classes cards are maxed, not really any reason to play it other than to help me level up so I can re up (which I did, as Horde gives the most xp it seems), or I just want to kill some time. I am looking forward to seeing what Horde 4.0 is going to look like, honestly. And really to play horde publicly is a waste of time b/c a lot of people don’t bother sticking around, leaving after a while. With Gears 5 right around the corner now, just a bit over a month - can’t wait… - not really any incentive to unlock more skill cards ect at this point.

And yes continue to save your money Lycan…definitely not worth the time to spend money on the packs - if anything spend the credits you earn in game. Even that, not a guarantee you’ll get what you want.