UK omen skin set

Why is there a us omen boltok skin in the UK omen load out set?


Maybe it’s from that alternate universe where our stateside cousins never kicked us out and threw all our tea into the harbour?


Because brothers to the end.

And merica.

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Just purchased and noticed myself.

■■■■■■■ annoying.

I want the uk boltok

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There is no escaping Trump.


Probably part of that trans-Atlantic post-Brexit trade deal. :wink:




I think TC have been watching re-runs of Fawlty Towers - just like Basil they start off with good intentions that quickly turn to :poop:

US Boltok instead of UK for me too but I’m only equipping Lancer and Gnasher.

2000 Iron left to use up so I don’t have any unused ‘credit’ and can retire this game for good…

Same here i purchased it then noticed

USA and UK are a team so you get some of the skins in different sets.

Yet another example of the store always working.

US is holding it hostage till UK loses that silly accent.

Lmfao, there is nothing worse than a typical American accent


I don’t even hear an accent :woman_shrugging:.

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Same here for English accent, tho very VERY few ppl have what the rest of the world consider a typical English accent, no one speaks like were depicted on TV, maybe a few posh ppl lol

But man, when there’s an American on the bus or something they can’t be missed, we all start rolling our eyes secretly at each other,

like omg man we got another one :yum:

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Lol. Our accent is considered to be the most ignorant sounding of all…but there were those wars and stuff, so I dunno :woman_shrugging:

Yea, I don’t disagree lol, tho to be fair there’s a big list of American accents

Love me a chick from Alabama lol sexy :yum:

Because we won! Take that Red coats!!! Whooo merica! Lol but in all seriousness WTF? Lol


American guns are jus easier to get hold of man :yum:


Octus replied to me he told the team will look into it when they are back tomorrow