UIR Soldier Nomad (Female) has man hands plz fix

UIR Soldier Nomad (Female) has man hands at least give her some Kait hands or some thing thanks plz fix.

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I like how genders are divided into “man”; “female” and “Kait”. :smiley:


They’re not ‘man hands’ … They’re just big.
There actually exists women with big hands.
As it regards Gears , it’s a balancing move : the hands have to be the same size on every character.

Maybe she’s just a “manly” woman. Some women have very large hands, you know.


I understand the art style but come on :smile:

All female characters have man hands in PvP as part of their hitbox. It’s why they also animate like male characters.

PvE modes usually fix that problem.

Lol that’s a good representation of how I would react, even tho I know in reality it’s not that big a deal.

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I haven’t bought the Nomad character yet, and I’m wondering… where does the skin go and is it a variant for the regular UIR character? What I mean is that the Nomad female seems to be a secondary skin, but none of the sub menus in the game indicate this much.

The COG Gear has variations that are helmetless (always thought, “way to go with the spelling, TC” lol), onyx, gear corpse, etc… is the Nomad skin a variation of the UIR soldier, or is it a variation of the cog gear? I can’t seem to find this info anywhere, and I’d just like to know before I get it.

Anyway, thx in advance!

It appears to be a skin for the UIR Soldier using the voice of the female UIR Soldier as well.

OMG she reminds me of “pinhead” from puppet master.

Let’s be real, Kat is a man.

Poor girl , she’s so sweet :frowning:

With OP4 Kat started using female animations in PvE too, actually.

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Oh, that’s cool.