UIR skins, weapons, and maps wanted as well as Npc replacement

The UIR are an awesome faction in the game of gears, and I want more love for them.
New character skins
-UIR elite - all the current skins in blue yes i want that
-UIR heavy gunner from the comic20210411_122906
-Crome steel UIR cosmonught
-Crome steel UIR Officer
-Crome steel UIR trooper
-UIR swarm Gunner, swarm UIR Scion skin with the new weapon in horde

-The UIR heavy machine gun, a belt fed back pack weapon would be an awesome addition to the game
-The UIR sniper rifle, we need more marksman rifles
-Gorgan machine pistol 5 round burst
-Cleaver another melee weapons from the older gears games

  • Digger from gears 3

NPC’s, this is something I want for the host of the Horde match to change up the red shirt skins to one of the helmet units, any helmeted units from the skin list
-Deebee skins
-COG gear skins all but the Helmetless ones
-Lizzie skins
-Clayton skins
-Anthony skins
-Benjamin skins
-Gary skins
-UIR soldier skins all of them
-Detla replacement, placement of all red shirts. If anyone is playing one of the following that character will not be a red shirt, and it randomized the squad
-Marcus skins
-Dom skins
-Cole skins
-Baird Skins
-Tai skins
-Minh skins
-Sam Skins
-Anya skins
-Hoffman skins
-Dizzy skins
-Anthony skins
-Benhamin skins
-Clayton skins


the BS UIR were sexyyy


Booshka Grenade Launcher | Gears of War Wiki | Fandom

the disrespect towards the Booshka is unreal :pensive:


Did you actually like it

Yeah, I mean for its time it was pretty unique. I advocate for its return because I like explosive weapons. and I could see it fitting in with the TC era of gears weapons.

and giving us the OG Markza would be really cool as well, because the Judgement Markza and TC Markza are different enough from themselves so they would fit in on their own.

The TC Markza could be stronger than the J Markza but the J Markza could be more accurate and having a bigger mag size. and the obvious advantage of the sniper scope.


Then lets get is in, i never got to use it and only heard how it works

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heavy breathing

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UIR salute intensifies


I really like the idea of changing your AI partners in horde. Hopefully someday

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